Umbraco Cloud Hosted on Azure – Rapid, Reliable and Highly Flexible

Umbraco Cloud provides all-in-one Azure hosting for rapid, reliable and flexible editing with the open source Umbraco Content Management System (CMS). Capabilities range from minor campaigns to highly complex solutions for major corporations.

Highly flexible

The Umbraco CMS is highly flexible, and with the creative workflows of Umbraco Cloud, you have no limit to what is capable. The Content Flow helps to use code and content together for efficient testing and deployment.

All-in-one Azure hosting

Save money and time with entirely managed Azure hosting. Monotonous tasks for version upgrades no longer exist, project creation and queuing deployment is now an automated process.

Scalable components

Umbraco Cloud enables you to scale your solution based on the requirements for the project. You can you existing project for templates reducing the time needed to create a project.

Projects and Environments

Umbraco Cloud organises your creations into projects that are made of environments and other resources such as databases and file storage. Projects consist of multiple environments dependent on the plan you have chosen. Starter plans have projects with a single, live environment and the option is available to include a development environment and a staging environment. The Professional plan provides projects with both Development and Live environments. You can include and exclude environments as required.

Set up and Coding

Developers can use the development environment to set up the website. They can create and test code, clone development to a local machine and once things are satisfactory, the changes can be pushed back to Umbraco Cloud. Any changes are updated to the development environment automatically and added to the deployment queue. To make deployment live it’s just a matter of, pushing the deploy button and everything will appear in the live environment.


Content editors use the live site to create and edit content. Content can be restored to other versions by developers in the development or local sites.

If your project contains a staging environment and you create and edit content here, take note that content will not be added for deployment automatically. It will need to be added to the live environment by first using the Queue for transfer feature in the backend.

These are just some of the many benefits and components available to you on Umbraco cloud.

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