How to Successfully Manage Multilingual Websites in a Single Umbraco Installation

We have over ten years of experience with Umbraco, and we have developed over 500 Umbraco solutions. We have a team of 50 developers with in-depth Umbraco knowledge that can help you with your Umbraco solution. If you currently have or considering having a multilingual website, you will certainly want to read this short blog post.

Umbraco CMS is useful for deploying multilingual sites, and we will let you know below, along with some information about best practices and of course the successful management of multilingual.

Multiple sites in a single Umbraco installation

First, you need to consider if it is a promising idea to have multiple websites with a single installation. It certainly makes sense if the websites have a similar structure e.g. the templates being used etc. Each site has a unique root node, but all are constructed a similar structure.

You should also consider using a single Umbraco installation for multiple languages if you want to have multiple, translated versions of the same site. If the range of websites are coherent in content, structure and style but the only difference between them is language, then this method will certainly be beneficial to you.

To successfully implement this, you should use a package from Umbraco called Vorto, a property editor that changes your current one into a multilingual property. You can read more about Vorto and download it here.

These are the best practices for having multilingual websites in Umbraco, but there are also bad practices that should be avoided at all costs. There will be no benefit from trying to have multiple sites if your websites have different structures as it will only cause confusion for your editors. It will eventually leave your sites looking entirely different from each other.

So, if you want to manage multiple sites within a single Umbraco installation successfully, then ensure that the page structures all have the same foundation. Your editors will appreciate it that’s for sure!

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