Visualise Your Data and Business Results

How to create an internal focus on marketing

Do you know the scenario? You are in the Marketing Department and would like to develop your online visibility. You have encouraged your colleagues and managers that you should start some digital marketing activities and optimise your website.

The sales department are also keen for this to take effect especially if it generates more leads. Management is also on board if it saves them money on general marketing costs.

This is a classic example of making marketing a cross department task rather than leaving it all fall solely on the marketing team. It is crucial to consider digital marketing within the entire business and motivate all departments to achieve results.

Digital Marketing

At Novicell, we specialise in helping companies with their digital marketing. That's why we also know that it's only the top companies that invest over one million in a complete online presence with a website, integrated CRM, web shop, good visibility on social media, search engines, etc.

Engagement through visible results

Let's use fitness schemes at work as an example, interest in such schemes will not arise until people feel the need to lose weight or if certain colleagues have signed up. This would then motivate others to do something about their health. It is the same with digital marketing; It can produce results in itself, but the greater success is realised when it becomes a group effort.

But how do you create an internal focus on digital marketing and involve your colleagues in activities and results? Competitions? E.g Get colleagues to compete in writing the best tweet about the company or attempt to get the most permissions for the newsletter.

It is a good idea to have editorial meetings with different departments to get their thoughts on what they can do to contribute to marketing efforts.

Visualise results with a Geckoboard

It is also possible to create a visual representation of your data and results by creating a dashboard. We use one called Geckoboard. This board enables you to visualise how your marketing efforts are performing amongst other things like Google Analytics tracked data. E.g visits to your website, subscriptions to the newsletter, recent social mentions, the possibilities are endless.

It shows live updates and can be viewed on any screen. You can also show fluctuations in the form of press coverage, trade show attendance or the launch of a new campaign, enabling results of the company's online presence to be visible to everyone in the company.

We use them here as mentioned before and several of our clients have installed Geckoboard's as well. Below you can see one of our Geckoboard's.

We hope you end up creating a visual representation of your data and we can help you with linking to various accounts if required.