Winners of Student Geek Challenge 2020

Many students want to use their knowledge from their studies, but at the same time, they find it difficult to get their foot in the door at various companies because many are looking for an experienced workforce.

But young students do have a lot of knowledge to share. We have experienced this at Novicell over the many years, during which we have held the Student Geek Challenge.

About this year's competition

The competition was held this year for all students in Denmark, Spain and the UK who wanted to have a go.

This year's case was to build a commerce implementation. The participants needed to implement a product, organise products into categories/collections, and build a checkout flow (minus payment, of course). The choice of solution, platform and technology was free.

The purpose of the Student Geek Challenge is to give students the opportunity to show what they can do and thus open the door to job opportunities where they can build on their development skills.

This year's contestants fully lived up to the level of previous years, and we are incredibly proud of all of the participants in Student Geek Challenge 2020!

Our committee has reviewed all of the sharp solutions from DK, UK and ES, and has selected the absolute best.

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And the winners are...

Congratulations to:

🥇 Georgi Dimitrov (DK)

🥈 Catalin Udrea (DK)

🥉 Callum Kindred (UK)

The three participants won because they provided sharp and robust code solutions.

In addition to the cash prize, they also get a job interview with us and we are looking forward to the dialogue.