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The world is becoming increasingly digitised, and this is affecting all industries and all types of customers. When it comes to your brand, this means unlocking untapped digital potential and exploiting digital opportunities. Novicell can assist you in conceptualising and creating a digital brand strategy to help your business realise its full potential. 

We do not see ourselves as a supplier agency, but as a digital-first partner that works in close collaboration with your brand to enhance your full potential. 

Your brand is your company's most valuable asset

A brand comprises of more than just distinctive slogans, product and logo designs. Brands are all-encompassing, intangible perceptions of your company, organisation or product in the minds of those who experience it. Above anything else, your brand should evoke a distinct feeling in response to your particular product or service.

Brands are also business tools that drive commercial value. If your branding is strong, achieving optimal visibility and reach, then it is almost certain that you will acquire more customers and surpass your competitors. To help you maximise your brand, we offer creative services in both digital brand strategy and design.

Brand Strategy

Every strong, successful branding project should begin with a solid strategy. Your brand strategy should be well-defined and align perfectly with your overall business strategy, values and goals. When initiating a branding project, it is essential that you consider the intangible elements of your brand. This involves strategic planning to define your brand in terms of a set of business goals and to deliver certain experiences to your customers.

We conduct scoping workshops to develop customised brand strategies that meet your specific needs as a brand, your requirements and your goals.


Our scoping workshops look to identify 

Your business purpose, values and long-term objectives

Your target customers and groups

Your competitive position

A good brand is cooperation

A good brand needs a well thought-out strategy. We achieve this through close cooperation with you, the customer. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that achieves your goals, tailoring the approach to your individual requirements and providing recommendations based on your specific marketplace reality.

Our branding consultants can employ strategies to meet your own personal brand challenges. Whether you're failing to differentiate from your competition, have outgrown your brand, suffering from a lack of brand focus, undergoing a merger or change in business model, or trying to connect with a new audience, we have the solution. 

Our goal is simple: your brand's success is our success


We help to cultivate exceptional brand strategies by providing expertise in: 

Brand personality

Brand positioning

Brand purpose and value

Brand communication and messaging

Digitisation of offline brands

Brand Design

Visual architecture is an integral part of your branding

Brand design ensures that your brand is visually distinguishable and helps to build a familiar connection between your audience and the values that your company upholds. Your brand design is the tangible element of your brand and must be both consistent and memorable. We understand the power of brand design to relate specifically to your brand identity.

Here at Novicell, we design strong visual elements that shape your brand and ensure that your brand makes a statement within the marketplace. We work directly with you to develop all types of visual brand architecture.


Brand assets 

Logo and slogan design

Brand guidelines (style guides)


We Research. Design. Optimise 

When generating a brand design, we create results through well-thought-out design. This means that we conduct as much marketplace research as much do design, particularly because brands are multi-faceted and must be as value-proposing and market-driven as they are visually appealing.

Our previous brand strategy and design clients include

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