Business Intelligence can help Finances

Create value for your finance department with BI

Figures for the visual

The finance department is accustomed to using data and to processing figures on a daily basis, which is why this is a logical place to start using business intelligence. Their KPI's are already defined as numbers and budgets. That's why they are ripe for converting into tools that will give the company a better overview of its overall finances, with the option of digging deeper into individual parameters and numbers from specific departments, products or contracts. 

BI can provide answers to the finance questions, such as:

  • How many units have we produced against budget at this current time?
  • How high is actual turnover against budget?
  • How do debtors develop over time?
  • What do key figures look like in real time?
  • How do costs develop against budget?
  • What is the average delay from invoicing to payment?

And many more!

Increase understanding of finance

Because the finance department operates by looking at the company's financial status in excel spreadsheets, an added benefit for finance would be to make it easier to share insights with employees who are not used to reading accounts or excel spreadsheets. The option to share reports and dig into data can therefore be of benefit to the rest of the organisation, even for the most hardened finance employees.

What BI can do for Finance

Monitor turnover, costs and cash flow across the whole organisation.

Streamline your company's financial planning and administration.

Contract data from accounts, ERP, CRM and other independent systems.

Monitor your profitability split down to individual contracts or service functions.

Analyse risks and potential.

Set up and send reports to all departments and stakeholders.

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