Business Intelligence for renovation industries

Converting waste and data

Based on a Business Intelligence solutions we did for RenoDjurs, here we review many options for using business intelligence to optimise operations in a company that handles waste disposal.

Reno Djurs was looking for a visual solution that compared their finance and quantities of waste to use in their daily operations. They had large amounts of data but lacked the guidance and tools to use this data to visualise their operations.

Waste Data

We worked methodically with the company to uncover their needs.

Reno Djurs had the questions and data sources, and their need was to run data about waste types while monitoring quantities and price development.

Novicell analysed the data sources and structured them with the  Power BI program to build a system that could be used in daily operations and also show developments within the different waste areas.

Together we managed to make these data sources interact with each other, allowing them to visualise an overview of the daily operations from a dashboard.

Focused questions and new insights

As well as providing an easily accessible overview of daily operations, the Power BI solution gave Reno Djurs a powerful business intelligence tool, which can now dig deeper into data sources and analyse and plan based on historic data.

By using a business intelligence solution, Reno Djurs can make operational decisions based on current data about the company's waste handling.

Strategic Data Collection

Setting up a robust business intelligence solution means that guidance and interpretation of data is current, secure and consistent for the entire company.

Knowledge Building

Reno Djurs is now able to follow developments in waste quantities of different types on the general dashboards.


Collecting data sources provides n overview of waste quantity distribution.


An easily accessible dashboard provides an opportunity to optimise operations and allocate resources appropriately.

Follow Trends

Reno Djurs is now one step ahead with waste movement and can address areas that need extra attention.

See the live budgets

The complete data sources now make it easier for Reno Djurs to compare actual rates with budgeted rates.

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