Data Warehouse

Consolidate your data

Data visualisation means displaying data so that it answers certain questions. For example, you can display answers to the following questions in several ways: How do I split my customers into demographic segments? Such data could be displayed using percentage rates, pie charts, waterfall charts, graphs and much more. This creates a reliable data tool that the whole company can benefit from because it doesn't require any particular analytical expertise to understand.

But regardless of how pretty these visual displays are, usability mostly depends on the quality of the data behind it. Ensuring high and consistent quality requires the use of a Data Warehouse.

Adapted to your needs

Setting up a Data Warehouse varies from company to company and depends on the amount of data you have and its complexity. A Data Warehouse is tailored to your company and guarantees that:

Visual displays provide an accurate picture of your company situation

Your source systems are not burdened unnecessarily

It's quick to do an analysis because of the set-up

You don't waste time on cleaning data, but on creating a new insight

You get a solution that addresses both time to market and quality

The data model is understood by the end user

You can easily adjust your visual displays if you want to expand the Business Intelligence to other parts of the company

You get the best foundation for advanced data analysis

Extract, transform and load

A Data Warehouse extracts data from your current business systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, GA, PIM, DAM) and any external sources, transforms it into usable information then loads it into a visualisation tool, such as Power BI.

This means that the different systems deliver cleaned data ready to be correlated. For example, a customer can have different names in different systems.

A customer with the name Fred Smith would be cleaned so that he appears as one customer in your visualisation instead of four different ones.

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