40% increase in organic traffic

AGM Abogados

New digital strategy for the creation of SEM campaigns and SEO

AGM Abogados is an international law firm with offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Sabadell, Paris and Shanghai. They have more than 30 years of experience in providing legal advice to companies and individuals. 

AGM Abogados was looking for a partner to help them reach the leader position in the sector and came to Novicell after being recommended by one of our existing clients. 

Novicell helped AGM Abogados with SEO and the creation of SEM campaigns. Following this co-operation, AGM Abogados also decided to rely on Novicell for their digital strategy.

The co-operation

Novicell previously met with AGM Abogados in Barcelona to get to know their needs and how we could help them be the best positioned in their sector.

To achieve the goals that had been set, we created a digital strategy that consisted of SEO to improve the positioning of their website in several countries, and the creation of SEM campaigns to generate traffic to the services of the website and pull in quality leads.  

As AGM Abogados also wanted to increase the volume of business in the French market through organic traffic, we had to consider a separate strategy for that. To achieve this, we optimised the key pages for French traffic, reviewed the content on the blog and proposed a series of improvements with an SEO-aligned approach. We also optimised the Google My Business listing for Paris.  

In addition, Novicell created a custom dashboard to view and analyse data from different sources in a fast and agile way. With this, it was possible to detect which areas of business were not working and could be improved.


Through a close dialogue and with a focus on SEO and SEM optimisation, we achieved the following impact for the French market:

40 %

increase in organic traffic in 3 months


increase in leads


average increase in Top 5 positions keywords

Continued collaboration

Novicell has maintained a close collaboration with AGM Abogados since 2016, and we have even held seminars together talking about GDPR that came into force in May 2018.

We are continuously optimising the SEO of the AGM Abogados website and creating and managing the SEM campaigns.  

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