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Arriva PendlerPlus

User-friendly app for train commuters

Since 1997, Arriva has been a part of public transport in Denmark. Today, Arriva is Denmark's second-largest train operator and is responsible for train operations throughout Central and Western Jutland. Arriva had a strong desire to attract and retain commuters by offering them fixed benefits, and that was the beginning of turning the vision of a commuter program into reality.

For this task, Arriva chose Novicell as a partner. Novicell has developed mobile platform PendlerPlus, which offers commuters different membership benefits and automatic compensation for train delays. The platform has been developed in Sitecore and receives high praise from both commuters and Arriva itself.

PendlerPlus – a user-friendly web app

PendlerPlus is, in short, a membership scheme that commuters can sign up to for free. PendlerPlus provides automatic compensation if Arriva's trains do not run as promised, as well as access to several benefits and offers. Among other things, the commuter will have the opportunity to get free coffee, half-price seat tickets on Arriva trains and a monthly bonus in the form of a Commuter Free ticket.

Through the PendlerPlus web app, the commuter can access useful information, for example, membership benefits, punctuality within the last month, and the number of free tickets they have available. In addition, the commuter can also redeem their free tickets via PendlerPlus.

Number of members at the top

PendlerPlus has been online for less than a year, but the membership numbers are growing satisfactorily



Arriva and Novicell have a long-standing partnership in the development and maintenance of Sitecore solutions so, naturally, Sitecore was chosen for PendlerPlus. The app is developed in Sitecore 8.1.


Integrations have been made to Travel Map and Arriva Train application programming interfaces to ensure that all PendlerPlus data is always up to date

A universe of controlled benefits

PendlerPlus launched under the slogan ‘Get more in the hat’. All commuters receive a monthly free ticket and, in addition, free ticket(s) if the punctuality in the past month has been below 97% on similar commuter routes used.

To be able to honour this, PendlerPlus must know if the commuter actually has the status of commuter and what journeys they have taken in the past month. As such, each month, all active PendlerPlus accounts are reviewed, and free tickets are issued accordingly. It is, of course, calculated based on data around delays on all of Arriva's lines.

In addition to free tickets, commuters also receive half-price tickets on Arriva's trains, a two-month voucher for free access to Mofibo and Viaplay films and series, and the opportunity for free coffee to enjoy on the train ride. Since Denmark is one of the most coffee-drinking nations in the world, this simple gift has been a huge success.

Easy for Arriva to operate PendlerPlus

Everything runs with a high degree of automation. In everyday life, the PendlerPlus program is easy and smooth for Arriva to operate and maintain. Once a month, the punctuality of the individual routes is updated, and based on this and a check of the integrations, status updates using different templates are automatically sent to the different customer types.

The cooperation and dynamics of the development process have been excellent. You can't look up a book and read about how a commuter web app should work or look, so the collaboration was crucial. Novicell has been good at finding solutions that are user-friendly and easy for us to handle.

Anders Rasmussen, Customer and Quality Manager, Arriva Denmark


A web app should be user-friendly and inviting to look at – PendlerPlus is both. A lot of effort and thought has been put into the UX, and the web app is easy to understand and operate. Since a wide segment of the Danish population travels by train, the web app must appeal widely. Below are some of the screens that commuters encounter in PendlerPlus:

The punctuality of last month's stretches

Redeem free tickets

Fresh coffee that steams

Burger menu icon: the doors open like a train car

Arriva chose Sitecore

Arriva chose to develop PendlerPlus in Sitecore. is already running a Sitecore solution, and it was important for Arriva that their customer service department uses as few tools as possible to serve and assist customers quickly.

Sitecore is based on the Microsoft .NET platform and is used – in addition to Arriva – by a large number of other major Danish and international companies. You can read more about Sitecore here





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