An e-commerce solution for colourful fashion


Based on a modern platform with multiple integrations

Becksöndergaard is a world of fashion and accessories. The brand is aimed at women who like to have humorous and personal design in their wardrobe.

The Danish company Becksöndergaard was founded in 2003 with a passion for ensuring women can always dress with a personal touch. The company has a playful and unpretentious approach to colours and materials, even though it is still faithful to its Scandinavian roots. By now, Becksöndergaard is acknowledged for its unique prints, colours and contrasts.

Sales through multiple channels

With help from Novicell, Becksöndergaard chose to get a new web shop. E-commerce is an important direct sales channel, but only one of many since Becksöndergaard also sell their products through reseller web shops like Zalando and physical shops.

The new e-commerce solution was created in a way that could support sales through all of the different channels. The important tools are the maintenance and creation of products, which is also the main part of the e-commerce solution.


PIM systems with big gains 

Becksöndergaard’s new e-commerce solution is built in Shopify and has integrations to the ERP system Navision, to Product Information Management system (PIM) Struct, and to the recommendation platform Hello Retail.

When building the e-commerce solution, Becksöndergaard chose to start working with a PIM system, which means a new way of working with products.

When Becksöndergaard get new products in their portfolio, the product is ‘born’ into Navision, where basic data is added, such as weight, price and product number. After this, the product is automatically put into the PIM system Struct, where it is sorted into categories and given more master data and marketing data, e.g. product descriptions, pictures and translations.

The advantages of using a PIM system

For Becksöndergaard, using a PIM system netted them many big wins, including:

  • Making it easy and fast to search for products and sort into campaign categories
  • Making it simpler to edit a lot of products at the same time. The changes map to all the channels they want: their own web shop, reseller web shops and Facebook marketplace.
  • Quick identification of missing product data. It could be that product descriptions in the foreign languages or a product picture are missing, or that some products need a category. Struct gives the web editor a quick overview and the opportunity to add in the missing data

Hello Retail gives intelligent search results and recommendations

There is also an integration to the platform Hello Retail in Becksöndergaard’s web shop. This is used for the search function and recommendations.

  • When a visitor starts typing in the search field, a product picture of the search result shows to the side. The visitor isn’t redirected to a search results page, meaning that they can quickly and dynamically change their search.
  • Hello Retail is the intelligence behind the product recommendations at Becksö and used, for example, in the ‘Most Popular’ view

Shopify – a beloved solution for the world of fashion

Becksöndergaard chose Shopify as its e-commerce platform because it is built with e-commerce as the core function. This means that Shopify can act as the engine for a wide range of websites for regional and international markets, physical stores and marketplaces. With Shopify you can make traditional e-commerce via your own website, sell directly through marketplaces like Amazon, Wish and eBay, or sell via social media.

In addition, Shopify is ideal for companies that prefer a scalable and cloud-based infrastructure rather than investing in their own server setup. Shopify is a stable, reliable and fast web platform, which is why many Danish and international fashion companies use it.

With the new web shop, we have a new and modern appearance. We also have a much more user-friendly shop both on the customer and administration site. But, most importantly, the user experience is significantly elevated with associated positive rewards such as higher conversion rates.

Eva Trosborg Andersen, E-commerce Coordinator, Becksöndergaard

Convincing results

Customers have been very satisfied with the web shop, which launched in May 2019. The number of visitors has increased significantly, as has the turnover and the number of orders.

Furthermore, Becksöndergaard has taken advantage of the opportunity to make the buying experience more visual and intuitive, for example by using model images that show when scrolling over the products. Have a look at Becksöndergaard


increase in revenue in the web shop


increase in visitors


increase in orders

Want to know more about the solution for Becksöndergaard? 

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