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The new website for travel agent BENNS, which is part of the Kilroy Group, is built as a headless CMS, ensuring optimum performance in an image-based universe.

When the Kilroy Group had to create new websites for the entire organisation - Kilroy, Jysk Rejsebureau, BENNS and ISIC - the group chose Novicell as its long-term business partner. The new sites all had to be built on the same platform, which has major benefits when it comes to shared integrations.

The process began with new image-based travel sites for BENNS - and BENNS' existing site was old and not mobile-optimised. That's why the company wanted a new and more visual site with a simpler communication architecture.

The site consists of

A welcoming design

With images from exotic destinations from around the world, the aim is to inspire users to travel to new destinations.

A simple menu structure

The new menu structure is intuitive and matches the users' approach to travel searches.

Headless CMS

Building the site using a separate CMS, data layer and frontend means the site performs at lightning speed, even with thousands of images.

An intuitive menu

The content on is broad: From family summer holidays to study tours with tailor-made day programmes to business and themed travel. That's why an ultra sharp menu structure is essential, so the user can quickly navigate towards the desired area.

Splitting the menu into three core areas (family holidays, study tours and company and themed travel) leads the user in the right direction and each of these areas has its own simple menu structure and intuitive user experience. The menu structure is designed to match the user's mindset, and the user can either choose where they want to go or which mode of travel.

The user is then directed to specific landing pages for either the destination or the mode of travel they are looking for. The focus here is on informative and attractive entrance sites that inspire the user towards their dream trip.

Sorting directly on the home page

Right from the home page the user can approach their travel from different angles. For example, if the user is looking for a holiday, they can use the three dropdown menus to sort according to mode of travel, month of travel and destination. And those looking for a study tour can sort according to destination, minimum and maximum budget. The aim is to always give the user the best conditions for finding the exact travel they are looking for.

Overall, we have seen an increase in site conversions on mobile phones and desktops. Especially the group tours are much better communicated and perform a lot better now.

Through the whole process, Novicell has been a good strategic partner. Together we focused on the organisation's new platform, and Novicell helped us make the right decisions regarding the structure of the website.

Astrid Schønemann, Web Manager, KILROY Group

Image-based design

Before designing the new site, Novicell's team held workshops with representatives form both holidays and study tours at BENNS. Thanks to the customer input, we were able to create a customer-focused design. 

With destinations from Canada to Cambodia and Cuba, the design for the brand new is naturally crammed with gorgeous pictures from all around the world. The home page itself contains small picture carousels for each individual trip, and each destination universe contains galleries of beaches, jungles, mountain tops and more.  


Unlike the old site, the new is responsive to match the user's actions. BENNS discovered that its old logo didn't work on mobiles, forcing the company to address the logo design. This resulted in a new and simpler version without the tagline, which is now used everywhere. The frontend was also adapted for mobile users. For example, there is an extra layer on the filtration on the front page to prevent all the options from appearing straightaway. This helps ensure an optimum user experience, regardless of the device.  

Simple forms

All contact forms on the site are made with a grouped content, with each part being displayed one at a time. This gives the user a choice and makes it easier to handle the different steps. The subject field is also auto-filled depending on which way the user accessed the form. And if the user forgets what they have entered, a small visual cue helps the user remember which trip they are searching for.

Super fast load time

The new is built as a headless CMS, and the entire site map is built from scratch. This means that it has a separate CMS for content (Umbraco), data layer (mongo-db) and frontend (.net-core). All three parts can be switched independently of the others. This structure makes the data easier to access because it is always ready in the data layer and does not need to be retrieved all the way from the CMS server. The result is a super fast load time - even on an image-based site with many large images. Since the launch, the load time has halved, the payload is less than 10 kb and delivery is achieved in a third of the time.

Another advantage of the structure is that all travel is retrieved for the data layer via integration with Kilroy's own Navigator. And filtration is achieved without any delay - again because the data is ready right when you need it.

The new website has contributed to a much better user experience and, most importantly, increased our conversion rate significantly. In addition to desktop, our Google friendly and image-based platform has enhanced our tablet and mobile performance. Overall, we're very pleased with the results we've created together with Novicell.

Alpers Sahin, Marketing Manager, KILROY Group

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