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Conversion rate doubles on mobile 

When the Danish fashion shop and customer club Designers & Friends needed to supplement the customer club's sales products with more new seasonal products for different genders and age groups, major adjustments were needed: A completely new architecture was required, one which would ensure that the bazaar of extra reduced products became a permanent part of the web solution. 

Together, Novicell and Designers & Friends built a new website with an attractive design and a new conversion-optimised online shop. Novicell built the new website as an Umbraco web solution with an integrated uCommerce shop.

New web solution supports business model

The choice of platform fell on the flexible open source solution, enabling Designers & Friends to make the majority of changes on the site. It was also important for the new shop solution to be scalable and to contain different language versions, so that the company could launch internationally in the long-term.

Features of the new web solution include:

  • Signs of trust (e-trademark, Trustpilot, Facebook likes)
  • Lazy load of product pages, where the most important elements download first to increase the speed of the shop
  • Post Danmark-integration
  • Responsive design
  • A much faster load time - essential for search engine displays, user-friendliness and conversion frequency.

Behaviour data from marketing strengthens development process

The online marketing collaboration began three months before the new website launch. Analysing traffic data and user behaviour was key to structuring the site's content and developing new features based on data. It's also a method Novicell recommends to all of its customers.



The collaboration between Novicell and Designers & Friends involved the launch of a responsive website, a user-friendly online shop and a number of online marketing initiatives.

Umbraco CMS

Flexible website with excellent search and filtration options and fast load time.

uCommerce shop

Online shop integrated with Post Danmark and with relevant 'signs of trust'.

Combined marketing effort

SEO, conversion optimisation, e-mail marketing and online campaigns.

Online marketing attracts members and sales

Besides the development task itself, Designers & Friends have a permanent agreement with Novicell's online marketing department to increase traffic to the site, attract new members to the customer club and to generate more turnover.

This includes e-mail marketing that regularly tests content and send-out frequency.

AdWords search ads, remarketing and display campaigns that ensure member access and increased sales.

This is supported by social media marketing, including Facebook posts and adverts. Last, but not least, the companies work together on ongoing search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation of the website and shop to ensure visibility and sales.

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Since switching to the new platform, we have achieved an improved conversion rate of approximately 30% on the desktop platform and approximately 50% on the mobile platform, which has an integrated responsive design. An improvement that means a return on investment after just 1 year.


Frederik Kolenda, Director


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