Frie Funktionærer

Optimising online advertising and SEO gets results

Frie Funktionærer is a trade union with its own cross-functional unemployment fund and is known for being a market leader in providing individual advice and service.

When in 2014 the union wanted to take their online marketing to the next step, they began working with Novicell.

Novicell's online marketing department focused on the trade union's online advertising via Google Adwords, tracking campaigns via Google Analytics and search engine optimisation on the website.

We felt Novicell was an excellent advisor, who managed to combine user behaviour with offers and technology. They are excellent at making things connect, and we really appreciate the informal dialogue. Thanks to the competent sparring from Novicell, we are delighted to now reach far more people, keeping them up to date with member offers and relevant information.

Karina Elvison Bjørn, Sales and Marketing Manager

Tracking was set up on the website for a better insight into the traffic, target group and the effect of online marketing efforts, enabling Frie Funktionære to work more purposefully with their campaigns. Novicell also worked on optimising online advertising and improving click prices.

Another goal was to search engine optimise the site, so Frie Funktionære wasn't ranked purely on highly competitive search words, but on more specific search words (long tail) with a higher conversion. 

Work then began on specific Quick Response pages that needed search engine optimising and to hit users looking for answers to questions like "What unemployment benefit am I entitled to?" and "I've lost my job - what do I do?".

More followers on Facebook

For the online advertising, Novicell also advised Frie Funktionærer on Facebook campaigns and posts, which had to achieve more likes from members. Novicell also provided sparring on Frie Funktionære's Facebook communication, which needed to be based more on their own stories and on greater user involvement. The effect of the new campaigns and posts is clearly evident in the rise from approx. 600 likes to around 2000 likes.


Rapid growth in number of visits and new users 

As a result of the search engine optimisation and efforts to attract more traffic to the Quick Response page, together we generated rapid growth in the number of visits; the general organic traffic rose by 27.5% and attracted 73.56% new users.

Novicell as sparring partner

Frie Funktionære is continuing to work with Novicell as their sparring partner. Their collaboration centres around a quarterly meeting, when Novicell provides advice and ideas to the IT and sales and marketing departments about what works and what needs optimising. 

How will our new website create the greatest value for our business?

Before Frie Funktionærer began working on their new website, they decided to hire Novicell to perform a strategic pre-analysis to thoroughly understand their needs.

Read more about the pre-analysis

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