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With tailor-made development, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, in collaboration with Novicell, launches a brand new web solution where performance and user functionality are the focus

Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS is one of Norway's largest publishers and publishes a wide range of fiction, textbooks, teaching aids and general literature – both on paper and in electronic form. The publisher is aimed at individuals who buy books, public schools, lawyers who subscribe to comprehensive legal information, and many more!

First and foremost, Gyldendal is a production company where ARK is the reseller. Parts of the business also work directly towards the market. This applies to both teaching others and includes the legal source tool Rettsdata that sells digital solutions directly to the B2B market.

Gyldendal's ambition is to maintain their position as the largest business in both teaching and legal data.

The background for the project

At the beginning of 2018, Gyldendal had a desire to move its entire website to a new CMS (Content Management System) since their existing technology was outdated. This outdated CMS contained all of the content and product information, so Gyldendal started the project at record speed. Six different domains were to be transferred to the new CMS.

Several challenges had to be solved

  • Desire and need for an updated platform
  • Better and more robust architecture
  • New modern technology that put the user in focus – all the way
  • More room for innovation and further development



Photo: Metro Branding/ Paal-André Schwital

Novicell stood out in that they challenged several of the specifications that we at Gyldendal had specified in the request for proposal (RFP) in a way we liked very much. Novicell dared to challenge some of the most critical parts of the order, which in retrospect has proved to be very sensible and which created great trust with us at Gyldendal.

Morten Blixrud, System Manager, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag


The project consisted of several components:

Umbraco platform

The web solution is made in Umbraco, a flexible CMS with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Cloud service setup

All content can be uploaded and securely stored in the ‘cloud’.

UX and front-end delivery

Image-driven, modern and dynamic design for the target group.

Project management

Close and ongoing dialogue with the customer where we continuously adapt and work agile.

Gyldendal choose Umbraco

Novicell recommended Umbraco as a platform because it could support the good user experience by providing relevant information to the visitors as well as creating a uniform and user-friendly editing process.

Read more about the Umbraco platform

Gyldendal's solution

Gyldendal's goal was to create a web solution that would function as an information platform for users, with a better user experience and performance. They wanted to be a modern publishing solution that allowed them to produce good content for their customers.

Novicell introduced Gyldendal to all our ‘Headless’ frameworks and philosophies. In this way we could help them with all the challenges they faced. A new platform was created, and the choice of CMS fell on Umbraco – for increased functionality, quality and scalability.

Gyldendal's aim was to upgrade IT systems, as well as create a closer integration between the website and PIM (Product Information Management). This was to create a good structure and visualisation of the company's products. A product register was developed that is automatically updated with the correct data.

Photo: Metro Branding/ Paal-André Schwital

Gyldendal was given the opportunity to do more than just migrate to a new CMS

Novicell also used the opportunity to streamline several business processes on the site, look at technical integrations and optimise them so that performance would be the best possible.

When a new CMS is implemented, it is important to raise the system in the organisation, and point out why it is important for the marketing plan. As Gyldendal had several companies within the group (Rettsdata and ARK) that were dependent on the project with different objectives, this was taken into account.

The result has been a modern publishing solution that allows Gyldendal to produce great content and products for their reseller network. The web solution provides a better user experience, performance and information to the users. This also contributes to a simplification of internal work processes, which was a wish on Gyldendal's part.

The quality we have received from Novicell has been impeccable. It has always been of a very high class. Novicell has also been good at delivering quickly. Gyldendal managed, in collaboration with Novicell, to deliver the first phase of the project in record time – no one had thought that they would succeed at this.

Morten Blixrud, System Manager, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

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