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Technical enhancements in a new and multi-purpose B2B shop solution


On-the-go ordering and super-fast search for an optimum user experience

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Car repair workshops around the world are often in a hurry when they purchase new replacement parts. To meet the industry’s needs, HC-CARGO, a supplier of auto electrical components and a part of BOSCH enterprises, now offers a new B2B shop focusing on UX and lightning-fast performance.

HC-CARGO is part of the Bosch Group and is working towards becoming “eCARGO — the No.1 eTAILER in auto electrical parts” in 95 countries. To help them achieve this, they asked Novicell to provide their expertise in developing an online setup to support this new vision.

A speedy solution

Following a preliminary analysis, we developed a brand new responsive shop solution with a fast Angular catalogue. Angular guarantees good performance in searches, on category pages, product listings, etc., thus strengthening the user experience, which is a key factor in the battle for customers. Furthermore, Angular makes it easy for HC-CARGO to maintain the site, as all filters and updates synchronise across every catalogue on the site.


In-browser design

Gitte Kristense

Gitte Kristensen

Global E-commerce ManagerNovicell has been a competent sounding board throughout the process and recommended that we use the latest techniques to ensure lightning-fast performance. Novicell’s design department has delivered an excellent product that provides our customers with the best possible user experience.

Search, the engine room motor

70-80% of trade customers in Europe and Northern America search online before purchasing new replacement parts. Consequently, search engines were the focal point throughout the project.

With 24,000 products, an intelligent and quick search was imperative to ensure a manageable shop with intuitive navigation. As a result, a large search area was centrally located on the front page, and main navigation was cut down to a minimum.

The search area was built as “type as you search”, and the results are presented in a drop-down menu sorted by product, category and article. HC-CARGO can influence the ranking of search results by pointing searches towards more relevant results — handy, for instance, when someone uses synonyms.

Online marketing part of the package

To realise the ambitious growth strategy, Novicell also provides HC-CARGO with search engine optimisation and marketing to ensure it receives as much relevant online traffic as possible.

Accommodating the users

A brand new function unique to this type of B2B site is that customers can now register as users themselves. This gives them quick access to data on all 24,000 item numbers, to see prices and availability, and to buy goods. This is just another example of how every effort was made to create a good user experience throughout the visit.



The new HC-CARGO site consists of 150,000 product lines and performs extremely well.




increase in turnover


online requests during peak time

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Flexible web solution

The online shop is scalable, which is perfect for HC-CARGO’s strategy

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Improved usability

The design guides the user through 24,000 products

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11 language versions

HC-CARGO is expanding worldwide – and their site grows with them

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