Marketing Automation: An effective lead generation strategy and lead follow-up

Kosan Gas

Sales and Marketing in sync

Kosan Gas is the Nordic region's leading supplier of LPG in cylinders and tank. Kosan Gas supplies gas to more than 5,000 Nordic business and industrial customers, e.g. manufacturing companies and hotels. In addition, Kosan Gas also supplies bottled gas to private consumers through retailers.

Kosan Gas came to the conclusion that they could benefit from switching to a new Marketing Automation solution for handling and following up on business customers. The choice fell on HubSpot as a platform - and Novicell has been a big part of the rollout and implementation of their decision.

A top-notch collaboration between Sales and Marketing

Changing the CRM and Marketing Automation solution requires a careful process that partly ensures that the company invests in the right solution and partly designs new, beneficial processes. For that reason, Kosan Gas started the process carefully and began the process with several workshops to uncover: What are our needs? How does our customer journey look like? Which platform should we choose? How do we ensure the best use of the platform?

One of the most important factors for Kosan Gas was to have one common system for Sales and Marketing, which could function as a business platform for close cooperation between the two departments. And that is exactly the gain that Kosan Gas today refers to as an important, realized gain. The employees in the Marketing and Sales department today use HubSpot as a CRM platform. In addition, both departments also use the Marketing Automation function with access to all ongoing customer cases (called "deals" in Hubspot), the current value of all customer cases, what pipeline stage customer cases are in, etc. This is also where the salespeople are notified about corporate communication to customers, marketing is advised about new customer cases created based on marketing activities, etc. Today HubSpot is the joint backbone of Sales and Marketing.

Novicell's role:

  • Planning and conducting workshops for Sales and Marketing
  • Choosing the right Marketing Automation solution
  • The technical set-up of HubSpot (e.g. users and accesses, tracking of website activity and setup of e-mail functionality)
  • Setting up e-mail templates and workflows
  • Setting up real-time dashboards
  • Educating HubSpot users

With HubSpot and especially with the way we use HubSpot, we have a much stronger collaboration between Sales and Marketing. The HubSpot platform is a powerful tool, but it wasn't until it was unfolded and we went through the work processes between Sales and Marketing that the real gains appeared. Our joint efforts within the market have become digital and strong.

Bente Thorup
Regional Marketing & Product Manager, B2B, Kosan Gas

A digital presence - around the clock

The Marketing Automation solution has opened up new digital marketing opportunities for Kosan Gas. Kosan Gas now has a well-developed digital marketing leg. As for so many other B2B industries, Kosan Gas is closely following the development of how their customers are increasingly searching for potential suppliers and products digitally - and this often takes place outside opening hours. It requires a digital solution where Kosan Gas can be present in the customer journey around the clock. Now HubSpot is the backbone of Kosan Gas' online marketing efforts - from sending newsletters with relevant content to the relevant people, to tracking website activity and retargeting interested buyers.

HubSpot is used to measure the effectiveness of all online marketing efforts, making it easy to do pilot projects and quickly measure and respond based on data and results.

The solution

One joint Marketing Automation platform ensuring a relevant, digital presence for customers

Much stronger collaboration between Sales and Marketing, with both departments using HubSpot as the backbone of their work

Real-time dashboards providing an overview of the sales pipeline and at the same time enabling an open dialogue about each individual customer

Powerful dashboards for overview and dialogue

With the HubSpot solution, Kosan Gas has now received automatically generated reports in the form of dashboards, where Sales, Marketing and not least Management have access to real-time data that e.g. shows number of deals in pipeline.

This example of a dashboard shows how many days a deal is in the pipeline (constructed example)

HubSpot provides targeted marketing automation that creates results

HubSpot is a platform developed with a focus on B2B sales and marketing - or for B2C with a long-term decision-making process. The platform facilitates, systematizes and brings together the sales and marketing disciplines under one roof - and works as a CRM and as a Marketing Automation platform. In this way, leads can be collected and processed purposefully and efficiently - guiding customers through the sales funnel. Novicell is a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

HubSpot supports:

  • Segmentation based on advanced criteria on behaviour, timing and contact information
  • Automation of flows linked to the different stages of the customer journey
  • Lead scoring, categorizing where the lead is in the customer journey
  • Measuring impact and reporting
  • The disciplines in Inbound Marketing

Want to know more about the solution?

If you're curious about Marketing Automation, HubSpot or the solution for Kosan gas, feel free to reach out