Solution for quick and easy customer analysis directly in the data warehouse


Data that creates business development

Molslinjen came to Novicell with a desire to communicate purposefully with their three million annual passengers on the Kattegat route. The desire covered customer service information regarding the purchased product and ferry crossing, but more importantly the possibility of marketing tickets and special promotions to the right customers at the right time based on personalised data and knowledge of each customer. In addition, Molslinjen wanted to better understand their customers with the help of BI and analysis.

Today, the solution also covers Molslinjen's new routes to Bornholm, Samsø, Langeland, Als and Fanø.

Objectives of the data project

Increased sales per transaction

Increased frequency of customer journeys

Increased customer satisfaction and higher loyalty

Increased lifetime value per customer

Faster and more accurate communication with customers

Customer insight and marketing automation based on solid data

With this solution, Molslinjen can easily create campaign segmentation in the CRM based on customer-specific data on tickets purchased, trips made, passengers, vehicles, online behaviour, purpose of travel etc.

Based on data, Molslinjen has, together with Novicell's business intelligence department, built an advanced marketing automation engine and data warehouse for BI and analytics.

With the engine, Molslinjen can use segmentation data and create campaigns targeting guests based on geography, adapted to customers' travel patterns, vacations, weather, concerts start and end times, etc.

We have now created a strong data-driven business development to strengthen our sales and customer loyalty. At the same time, it has given us a clearly improved dialogue with the customers and thus an opportunity to make them even more satisfied.


 - Jesper Skovgaard, Commercial Director, Molslinjen

Data is the solution

Novicell provided a data project that collects and structures customer data in a data warehouse. The new data warehouse is made of a series of tables that merge data and prepare it for calculation models to provide updated customer insights.

With this structure, it is quick and easy for Molslinjen to do customer analysis directly in the data warehouse and extract segments into targeted campaigns.

Data warehouse establishment

(MS SQL Server)

Advanced marketing automation engine

Integrations for e.g. CRM dialogue tool and guest satisfaction surveys

Customer analysis in e.g. Power BI with full access to the data warehouse, allowing Molslinjen to process data, create calculation models and set up reports.

Campaigns against selected segments

Molslinjen already had a business intelligence setup for overall accounting reports, but it was difficult to use to develop the business. With Novicell's solution, our customer data has really come into play for our analysis in the commercial department, as well as for campaigns where we can hit customers at the right time and in the right place.


Molslinjen operates ferry services between Jutland and Zealand in Denmark for both private and commercial operators. Their ferries sail back and forth between Aarhus-Odden and Ebeltoft-Odden, and the three super ferries are among the largest catamaran ferries in the world.

The super ferries can take up to 1,000 passengers, 417 passenger cars and 60 motorcycles, as well as load caravans, buses and up to 30 trucks on one crossing.

From 2017, Molslinjen took over the sailing of Bornholm with the routes Rønne-Ystad, Rønne-Køge and Rønne-Sassnitz.

Later in 2017, Molslinjen also took over the remaining routes from Danske Ferries. Today, Molslinjen also sails the Fan Line, the Al Line, the Sams Line and the Langeland Line. This makes Molslinjen the largest domestic ferry company in Denmark.


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