New responsive online shop

New online shop brings Odense Marcipan closer to consumers

Odense Marcipan was established in 1909 and is now the world's leading manufacturer of marzipan and marzipan-related products. 

For a long time the company has enjoyed a high number of visitors to its website, with over two million visits a year - especially thanks to the comprehensive recipe database, which attracts large volumes of customers.

Odense Marcipan also boasts an ambitious social media profile and has built a Facebook page with almost 60,000 followers. Via Instagram, the company presents its passion for sweet goods with user-involved content. It also works closely with a number of bloggers.

Odense Marcipan wants to continue its close online relationship with users, which is why at the end of 2014 Novicell launched a brand new Odense Marcipan online shop on the Umbraco/uCommerce platform. 

A shop with multiple options

The aim of the new online shop was to get even closer to consumers by selling the popular products directly to the customer. Odense Marcipan brands itself under the slogan 'We make delicious easy' ('Vi gør det let at gøre det lækkert'), which is also evident in the online's shop user-friendly design. 

The shop has to sell products that have no distribution, and wants to be the front runner when it comes to testing new products. Long-term, the company aims to offer unique packing solutions with raw materials, baking equipment, decorations etc., and thus be the natural go-to place for the amateur confectioner or dessert enthusiast.

The shop must help position Odense Marcipan to both semi-professional consumers and amateur confectioners, who typically shop for Christmas and special occasions. It must inspire to buy throughout the year and must therefore be easy and manageable to shop in. This was achieved through a mobile-friendly design, which used the latest information on conversion optimisation, and through a feature that allows you to shop directly from the recipes. I have enjoyed the vast flexibility in a project where most of the elements were far from decided at the outset. Novicell has been a sparring partner in a number of decisions. With their extensive experience and business focus, they have been an essential support. I’m looking forward to developing the concept along the way and to doing it in close collaboration with Novicell.

Morten Rosenberg, Online Manager at Odense Marcipan

60% from mobile units

It’s important to greet the customer with a online shop that works on mobiles, tablets and PCs. 60% of Odense Marcipan's visitors comes from mobile units, which is why a responsive online shop is a must to fully exploit this potential.

The first step in the process was therefore to make the existing site responsive with the aim of re-using as much of the existing design as possible. This also meant upgrading the Umbraco version.

Then Novicell began designing the actual shop itself, where it was essential that the traffic to the recipes was exploited as much as possible. That's why Novicell focused its efforts on creating a solution where the customers had to place ingredients in the basket directly from the recipe's ingredients list.

Finally, Novicell had to meet the integration needs for Odense Marcipan's ERP system and for the external logistics partner, and then implement these two interfaces.

User-tested solution

The shop was ready for a pilot test with Odense Marcipan's employees by mid-October, and has since been user-tested among Facebook friends. This cleared several obstacles and the shop was ready to launch in November.    

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