Opel Interdan Car

Opel can now easily roll out campaigns to more than 100 dealerships in Denmark and Sweden


Interdan Car is a privately owned car importer in Scandinavia with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Interdan Car imports and sells Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Mitsubishi in Denmark and Sweden and is responsible for a unified network of around 300 dealerships. In December 2018, Interdan Car took over the import of Opel to Denmark and Sweden and, thereby, the rights and responsibility for and

When Interdan Car could not run campaigns at the speed their new business model required, they chose to move to a new and dynamic platform, where they could achieve a higher flexibility in terms of running campaigns.

They choose Umbraco, where Novicell developed a solution that can control the content of many under-sites and where editors quick and easy can make content in templates. It was also essential for Interdan Car to get their website started quickly after taking over the import of Opel.

Solution consists of

Umbraco, and all dealership sites are built in Umbraco



Sales Network

Interdan Car can push content out to more than 100 Opel-dealerships in Sweden and Denmark. For example, when running campaigns

Umbraco Cloud

The complete solution is hosted in Umbraco Cloud

The entire process has been fast and efficient. And that was very important for us. The design requirements were given from Opel, but the rest was built from scratch, including all the content. Our sites were live 3.5 months after the collaboration with Novicell started. Now, we have exactly the desired opportunity to run our campaign on our dealership sites.

Jacob Zeeberg, Business Developer, Interdan Bil A/S




Content available for more than 100 dealerships

Interdan Car makes sites available for every Opel dealership in Denmark and Sweden. The content on the sites is centrally managed so content can be pushed out to all dealerships, to one dealership, or just one location (one dealership can have locations in multiple cities).

It is not necessarily the same content that is being pushed out to all the locations, either. It could be that one of the locations has workshop facilities and others do not – even though the same dealership owns them.

The control of the content on multiple levels gives uniformity in the expression, but also a flexibility that reflects the facilities and campaigns that every single Opel dealership wants.

This is also useful for Opel dealerships that want specific local content (for example news about an Open House event). This is made possible because the dealerships can edit a subset of the content through Umbraco.

A good editor experience

The editor functions are simple to build and give the editor a good overview of the site structure and a few fixed choices.

The editor’s options are limited to relevant opportunities, so the sites, uniformed and efficient, can be structured and edited. To control the uniformity, they use so-called Stacked Content or Nested Content.

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