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Danish jewellery giant increases brand value and turnover with large content-led cross-channel strategy.
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Since 2015 Novicell has been working on Pilgrim's digital presence - and now also their marketing efforts. As well as cross-channel campaigns, we regularly help optimise their newsletters, social media, landing pages, SEO, Adwords etc. Our recommendations are always based on specific data, where we keep a close eye on important metrics such as: 

  • Conversion rates
  • Order value 
  • Price per transation
  • ROI
  • ROAS

Thanks to Power BI, we have a 100% insight into Pilgrim's sales figures and budgets This gives us a thorough understanding of the business itself and means we can base our efforts on facts.

The marketing efforts comprise:

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Search campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing


Display ads via Google's Display network

mobile app

Facebook and Instagram advertising


YouTube campaigns

shopping cart

Efforts on Google Shopping

Our marketing efforts for Pilgrim are two-fold: On the one side are fixed campaigns and advertising, which are optimised throughout the year.

These are complemented by so-called 'bursts': seasonal or event-oriented campaigns with unique content, such as a new collection launch, Valentine's Day, January sales, Black Friday etc. 

Advertising is run widely in all countries in the EU, with particular focus on Pilgrim's core markets of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway and England. This means our marketing consultants have to keep a cool head as each campaign has to lead to multiple sites and runs in several languages.

We also ensure that all searches, regardless of the country, lead to the specific landing pages that form part of Pilgrim's new scalable platform.

Read more about Pilgrim's new commerce-platform


Successful Black Friday campaign

In the period leading up to Black Friday 2017, Pilgrim launched a comprehensive campaign across digital platforms. The campaign was just the first of many and thus marked the launch of a new, expanded strategy towards awareness and conversions with a cross-channel focus. 

In this strategy, content is the fuel of the digital engine, which includes SoMe, AdWords, newsletters, SEO, link building and external media. Pilgrim uses a content base on their website, which feeds the other platforms.

With a campaign plan that covers all marketing efforts and platforms, Pilgrim's products are put into a bespoke universe, built based on search word analysis for relevant search words for the target group, and which puts relevant items in context.

Communication with customers starts long before Black Friday itself, such as through automated flows on e-mail, content distribution on SoMe and AdWords and display/remarketing banner advertising.

The campaign works with the target group's needs at each stage of the customer journey. At the beginning it's about increasing awareness and attracting new customers with inspirational content from the universe.

During the course of the month, communication intensifies and becomes more sales-oriented. For example, customers are given the opportunity to create wish lists in the universe, which means they are ready to convert on Black Friday itself.


Effort bears fruit

The effect of the new strategy is clearly evident in the monthly figures around Black Friday:


more newsletter sign-ups (compared with 2016)


increase in turnover (compared with 2016)


exposure through AdWords and SoMe


Major rise in number of visitors

Traffic to the website also rose significantly following the campaign. In the period leading up to Black Friday, 40% more visitors were recorded compared to the previous year, and on the day itself visitor figures almost doubled from 32,000 in 2016 to 62,000 in 2017.

And the many visitors don't just look good on paper. Thanks to the new product universe, during this period Pilgrim experienced higher conversion rates, more page clicks, fewer rejections and longer visiting time on the site from visitors who came in through the various universes.

An added bonus is that the marketing efforts have given Pilgrim more than 8000 new sign-ups to their newsletter. These will naturally be included in future campaigns, thus generating even more value for the jeweller.

Hear more about our collaboration with Pilgrim

If you have any questions about our collaboration, please send me an e-mail.

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