Commerce, Campaigns and Integration


New scalable e-commerce platform for Danish jewellery giant extends throughout Europe with excellent online marketing efforts.

When Pilgrim needed to scale the business, and optimise the existing web shop, the Danish jewellery brand chose to build a brand new website.

For this assignment, Pilgrim chose Novicell as a partner for design, front-end, back-end, operation and online marketing. The starting point for the collaboration was Pilgrim's business, and a scalable solution was one of the key words from the start.

With six language teams, national campaigns, different currencies, consumer conditions and much more, the solution landed on a Dynamicweb platform with many integrations that are useful for a commerce site like Pilgrims.

Web shop

A successful shop at the heart of the new solution, which allows for both promotions and discount codes.

Online advertising

Online marketing efforts include social media campaigns in Google AdWords and via Google Shopping.


Shopify was the obvious platform for Pilgrims commerce solution with language layers, integration with AX and handling large amounts of data.

Scalable platform with multiple language layers

Previously, Pilgrim had only a Danish shop, but with more and more foreign customers, it made sense to have a site for the European market.

Instead of having only the domain with English content, each country now has its own language layer within, /de, /uk, /se etc. In addition, the domain still with Danish content. Language layers are advantageous as they have a positive impact on SEO and the site's performance in Google search results.

Attractive design

The new solution also required an innovative design. Our design department listened to Pilgrim's wishes and created an uncluttered, simple and visually appealing universe, matching jewellery with brand identity. One of the additions in the new design is a social wall that is integrated with Pilgrim's Instagram account.

Integrating the latest version of AX

Dynamic AX is an ERP system that talks with box systems in physical stores. This means that Pilgrim can continuously change the range and constantly keep the web shop updated. The system runs every night and makes sure that products and discounts are updated. 

The latest version of AX is running with a channel database, and it is through this that the ERP system and the site integrate with each other. The database includes products, prices and discounts.

Visit Pilgrims new site

Cooperation with Novicell has been effective and productive from the start . Novicell's business acumen and agile approach to the project raised our digital presence significantly. Revenue more than doubled, and integration to our ERP has lifted our entire business. We look forward to future collaborations.

Hjalde Markvad, IT Project Manager, Pilgrim


Collections, promotions and discounts

Like the rest of the fashion industry, Pilgrim constantly run out of collections in the shop. This means a continuous replacement of the product range, which requires web shop building.

Additionally, Pilgrim run promotions throughout the year. This may be changing volume discounts or special promotions in conjunction with Mother's Day or other events. Therefore, the shop is built to calculate discounts based on the products in the customer's basket.

Online marketing

The announcement of Pilgrim consists of both search campaigns, display ads, Facebook advertising and YouTube campaigns alongside efforts on Google Shopping, and AdWords. Google and display advertising run in all countries (the EU plus Norway), while some are primarily in Denmark and England and periodically in Germany. 

This means that our online marketing consultants must keep their tongue in their mouth, because the campaigns will lead to many different sites. We will also ensure that all queries regardless of country led to specific country pages and language layers. 

Besides setting up specific campaigns, we come up with input and advice for optimising newsletters, landing pages, website etc. Our recommendations are always based on concrete data, which we pay particular attention to conversion rates and order value.


Online marketing bears fruit

After targeted online marketing efforts, the results are not to be mistaken. Here is a comparison of November and December 2016 (incl. Black Friday and Christmas sales) for the same period last year.


increase in conversion rate


decrease in price per. Click (AdWords)


increase in transactions

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