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Powerful online shop created in Umbraco built for success in a highly competitive market

Electronics at the best prices

One of the ways POWER can be competitive is by comparing prices with a number of online competitors several times a day. This means that POWER can effectively adapt the pricing of their entire product range with electronic price tags. Thus POWER can always provide customers with the best price, whether in a POWERHOUSE or on

Alongside an extra fast pick-up service, which includes a Click&Collect service from your nearest POWERHOUSE within just two hours of ordering, and integration with SAP, POWER also provides excellent customer service and competitive prices across all channels.

We strive to give our customers the best buying experience. We also want to be able to act and react quickly and easily in a constantly changing market. We are delighted with the solution that Novicell has created.

Kenneth Nellebjerg, Multichannel Manager at POWER

Rock-solid online shop

The online shop is tailored to handle a high number of users at the same time and to deliver search results the minute users type in the search field.

Elastic search and fast performance are crucial when customers want to easily and quickly find a particular product in POWER's extensive product range. All the goods are listed according to product type, category and brand, for optimum filtering and the most accurate search results.

Its pivotal role means the search field has almost replaced the menu at the top of the website so that your eyes are automatically drawn to the area. The drop-down menu has also gained an app-inspired design - to make the many different products more transparent, but also to create the best framework for optimising the online shop for mobiles. While building POWER's online shop, the focus was also on performance optimisation, speed and excellent user experience, all important factors for driving sales online.

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Strategic solution

The online solution was built to support the goal of being competitive in price and service.

Solid Umbraco platform

The Umbraco platform is tailored to handle an extensive product range and high user volumes at the same time.

Powerful online shop

Online shop with intelligent product filtration and fast performance provides regular and accurate searches.

Powerful online concept

As the new player in electronics and white goods sales, POWER's strategic focus is to ensure lower prices in the market, as well as 'know-how' of everything within their field and, not least, exceptional customer service across all channels.

Novicell's primary focus has been to support this business strategy while building POWER's online platform. This involved a web solution that minimised the number of manual processes, making POWER the best foundation for reacting quickly and supporting the customer's purchase flow. For example, POWER can easily and rapidly create new web content for new products or campaign offers.

This also applies to POWERMAGASINET - a blog section where POWER keeps you updated with news and information on electronics and white goods. This flexibility enables POWER to stay competitive, and 'on the top' with new knowledge, thus supporting the business's overall goal.

The results

On the opening day of the country's first POWERHOUSE, POWER generated steady traffic and a strong turnover, both in the new store and on the online shop.


£ turnover in-store


£ in the online shop


visits to

17 August 2015

New E-commerce solution of the year

Every year Danish industry organisation FDIH awards prizes for the best E-commerce solution of the year. In the 2016 show, POWER won the award for the year's best new E-commerce solution.

The judges' reason: "POWER has gained a strong position in a mature market in a short period of time. The results they have generated are impressive - and it seems they have only just begun. The people behind POWER have many years of industry knowledge but have chosen an approach where they think online first - unlike the rest of the industry. They have thought about omnichannel from the start, and have aggressive expansion plans both nationally and internationally. POWER has had significant capital backing, but they have used the money well when you look at the results on their site, and in their pursuit of the omnichannel discipline.

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