Randers Social & Healthcare College

People who have the courage and competence to care for the weakest of the community are much needed. Randers Social & Healthcare College knows that. With a new website, the school has taken up the challenge to attract ambitious students.

It's about people

The new website is based on a thorough preliminary analysis of the three target groups for the site: potential students, existing students, and other stakeholders. Based on a target to recruit prospective students, the analysis has specifically sought to uncover how they identify themselves. Potential students will typically be young people who are looking for a degree after completing primary school.

The analysis has resulted in the site's identification-creating content, which reflects that we are dealing with people – both at school and in the job that follows. For example, the site's use of images – in the image menus – is focused on people. Likewise, video-integrated content serves to show prospective students what they can expect to become a part of in the study environment if they enrol at the college.

The early groundwork consisted of a workshop and a series of interviews with the target group for potential students. This analysis and wireframes on the main page types have proven to be a really good investment, as the need for iterations in the implementation process has been minimal.

The collaboration with Novicell

The technical solution for Randers Social & Healthcare College involved a website built on an Umbraco platform, where content and digital design were based on a thorough preliminary analysis.

UX pre-analysis

The solution is based on an analysis that consisted of a workshop and interviews

Umbraco integration

The platform is built in Umbraco with integration to the Easy A course module

Outstanding digital design

The design illustrates the many programs and courses available

Integrated course module

Randers Social & Healthcare College’s website is built in Umbraco 7.3.3 and is integrated with Easy A – the management system typically used by business education programs to handle courses and enrolments.

The integration of Easy A makes it easy for website users to navigate the many different courses and find information about where, when and for how many days the individual courses are held. The actual registration takes place at, to which users are automatically forwarded.

It has been a big task to create the new website, but the collaboration with the team at Novicell has been really good and made the process easier. We are very satisfied!

Trine Puggaard, Communications Officer

Taking the user by the hand

As a well-established educational institution, Randers Social & Healthcare College has a lot to explain to their various target groups. However, the structure of their website ensures that the user is not bombarded with information, but instead locks them into information step by step. 

The left-hand drop-down menu acts as an 'information funnel' where the user can gradually go into more in-depth information. It ensures clarity despite the large amount of knowledge that the site holds.

In general, a great deal of work has been done to prioritise the content by focusing on all the pages of the site. The purpose is to help the user along and not to confuse them with unnecessary information. It is underpinned by a digital design that provides an overview of the progress of the various programs by visualising them from end to end.

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