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Revlon is one of the world's most established cosmetic companies with over 80 years' experience in delivering quality cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care products to its customers. Globally headquartered in New York, Revlon conducts its business around the globe and is a world leader in various fields. The company is renowned for its emboldening and innovative vision that celebrates women and inspires them to express themselves confidently and unapologetically through the art of glamour and beauty. As part of this vision, Revlon has extended the brand to a new professional arm, known as Revlon Professional, which aims to provide beauty professionals with innovative products to empower both themselves and their business and ultimately transform the way that they work within the industry

The Challenge

Noticing that the current Revlon Professional website could not convey this vision of innovation and excitement, Revlon approached Novicell with an aim to reinforce their online branding and boost performance in both their marketing and sales campaigns. In the process, Revlon sought to create an online content hub that would showcase all on-brand visual assets and marketing materials, whilst also reimagining the customer experience journey.

Novicell's Solution


Revlon understood that the communication of their online brand was the single most important element to their business. With their current solution unable to deliver the full company vision, Novicell provided a full re-design of all on-brand visual assets to facilitate their brand communication. 



Revlon's current website design was also not scalable for the size of their campaigns, and neither was it compatible with Revlon's social interactions. This lead Novicell to reimagine the Revlon Professional website as a platform that delivers both sales and marketing outcomes through visual redesign. 

Novicell was able to create an online content hub that would accommodate all on-brand creative assets and provide Revlon Professional with the flexibility to showcase their marketing content and to manage the scale of this undertaking. 






Throughout all of this Novicell maintained an inherently user-focused approach and concentrated on UX design processes to create a website that was responsive enough to work across all device types in multiple languages. 

Collaboration highlights:

Brand innovation and communication


Redesign of on-brand visual assets


Maximising usability through User Experience

Client-first strategic thinking

Given the nature of the beauty industry, in which high-fashion imagery and visual storytelling takes precedent, Novicell pushed straight into the production of full-concept design visuals for Revlon. One of Revlon's biggest requirements was creating a tangible visual solution that could be envisioned from the outset. By aligning with the needs of the industry, Novicell was able to provide a visually specific design solution tailored to the client's perception and ultimately fast-track the approval process. 

Check out the collaboration 

After months of hard work and effort by our IT and UX/UI teams we have finally launched the new Revlon Professional website. The website projects the essence of the brand as an icon in the beauty and cosmetics industry specialising in skincare, fragrance and hair.

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