Event management of Northern Europe’s largest music festival

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival and Novicell co-create a platform "People" to manage more than 30, 000 guests and volunteers

Festival keeps track of its 'people'

Roskilde Festival is Denmark’s largest music festival – actually, it is the largest in Northern Europe – and it needed a frictionless way to manage the enormous amount of volunteers, guests and musicians.

The organisers reached out to Novicell who was already working with several other large-scale festivals and events. 

Without our many volunteers, we would have no festival. We needed an agency to develop a platform that supports the enormous task of coordinating both volunteers and other participants. Novicell delivered a great solution.

Steen Bechmann Henningsen, ITO at Roskilde Festival.

A tailored platform 

The event management system is built to manage large numbers of very complex datasets and it is tailored to meet Roskilde Festival’s distinctive needs.

One of the sections on the app is the volunteer section, which manages everything from tickets, wristbands and accommodation to collections of pre-ordered t-shirts. More than this, it is also a communication channel where teams can communicate with each other. Each volunteer has their own profile, which they can access and update themselves.

The second part of “People” is the guest section, which manages all guests, including suppliers, corporate sponsors, musicians and many others. The festival has a staggering 44 different guest groups, and it hands out over 50 types of wristband – everything from permits and access to accommodation and food is carefully managed.  

Event management

"People" is an event management system built to manage the many individuals who participate at the festival.


Every volunteer can access the system and update their data as well as communicate with their team members.


"People" offers an overview of everything from wristbands and accommodation bookings to the allocation of staff on the teams.


Every guest and every volunteer needs to be checked in. “People” is designed to lead more than 30,000 participants swiftly through the check-in process, including wristband exchange, pointing them to the right accommodation and making sure that they have the correct information. Check-in using the mobile is just one of the things that makes it easy to enter the festival.

The event management system delivers daily status updates, for example, on the number of wristbands handed out during the day and how many are still waiting to be collected. The continuous updates ensure that Roskilde Festival can manage its resources optimally.

"People" in action at Roskilde Festival

The event management system has been put to the test at the festival for two years running, and has proven to be a big success.


wristbands in total


wristbands per hour


teams use the platform

Measured during Roskilde Festival from 27 June 2015 – 4 July 2015

Venma Event Management

Venma is an event management platform built by Novicell to manage all types of events, both big and small. We also have a great deal of experience in coordinating sporting events.

The system is scaled to match the number of volunteers, staff and guests, and it can be tailored to meet individual needs.

The advantages of Venma are numerous. To name a few, the platform offers integration to other systems, focused communication to each target group, product management, check-in and recruiting.

Event management has never been easier.

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