It is difficult to catch every moment when watching a football match in a stadium. Novicell have created a solution enabling spectators to view moments they may have missed.

StadiumStats is a football website for mobile that provides regular real-time updates for spectators in or around the stadium's location. The website uses geolocation to determine whether the user is within a specified radius. It is beneficial because it shows the match stats and facts, player profiles, live cameras and match highlights to spectators.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the solution that Novicell has created. I would certainly recommend this solution for other clubs to implement.

Mads Thorsen, Marketing Coordinator at AGF.

Enhanced experience

StadiumStats was created by Novicell to enhance the live football experience for spectators and to increase attendance. It can be used for creating competitions, offering discounts and promotions. Spectators can sign in with their social media accounts for a personalised experience and to create posts and share information.

Some of the key features include highlights and a live cam. When you are watching a match in a stadium, it is very easy to miss a goal or struggle to see it due to a restricted view. The highlights function allows the user to get a replay. There are cameras mounted in the players’ tunnel and on the home team’s bench, enabling the fans to see what the coach is doing on the sideline or view the players in the tunnel.

StadiumStats sends push messages to fans with information on the discounts available for food, drinks, tickets or any other promotion or key information regarding the club.

Live updates

StadiumStats is a website created to provide spectators with live updates in real-time. 


Every spectator can access the mobile website provided they are in or around the stadium.


StadiumStats offers a wide range of useful information and interaction while a match is on from goal highlights to guessing the man of the match.

How it works

Users can access the website using their phone’s browser. The website uses geolocation to identify that the user is within the stadium’s vicinity. This is due to TV copyright and permissions.

Clubs can sign an agreement with statistics providers e.g. Opta for collected statistics to be sent to spectators. Statistics are gathered by equipment mounted on the sides of the stadium. This data can be anything from the distance a team or individual players have covered, how many shots they have taken, passes completed etc.

The website is divided into two parts. The first part is the website itself, a flat HTML site running angular and communicating with the second part which is the application program interface (API) that runs on top of an Umbraco platform. The API oversees the gathering of data and sends it to the clients.

New data is collected every ten seconds and presented to users instantly. The technology used for pushing data to phones is called SignalR, making the data refresh while the website is open so that users do not need to refresh their browser to get the latest data.

This photo is an example of our solution being used for AGF, a Danish football club.


StadiumStats is a live football update website created by Novicell to give spectators an enhanced experience when watching a live match.

The system is designed to function with thousands of users at one time and offers a wide range of features.

The benefits of Stadium are numerous. It gives visitors to the stadium a better experience making them want to return, increases sales of products with push notifications about offers being sent directly to spectators and it creates a personal touch for spectators as they can get involved by guessing events such as the next goal scorer or who the man of the match will be.

Watching a football match has never been more engaging.

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