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The new Metro Company website combines good user experience and award-winning design

After eight years of construction work, Cityringen (M3) opened in September 2019. Half a year later, the M4 opened to Nordhavn. The new metro lines have given Copenhageners 19 new stations and will double the number of passengers. In the future, nine out of 10 of the country's most-visited stations will have metro.

With the opening of Cityringen, the Metro Company changed its communication focus. The company is both the builder and a traffic company and therefore has to balance its communication to update people on the construction while also motivating them to use the subway.

One of the most ambitious construction projects in Denmark ever became part of the capital's most important infrastructure, measured by the number of trips. This created a need for a new, scalable digital platform that could support the metro's communication at various stages of the process.

The Metro Company chose Novicell as a partner for both design, frontend and backend for the scalable Umbraco solution, now located at

The website received the Best Designed Site award at the Umbraco Awards 2020.


Novicell's design team has ensured a clear alignment between digital design and what travellers encounter in trains and on platforms.


The customer journey on has been analysed to make the new site as fast and efficient as possible.


9 out of 10 pages have been removed from Relevant content has been highlighted and made clearer and more concise.

User behaviour analysis

Novicell assisted Metroselskabet with a comprehensive pre-study of user behaviour on to investigate how the content of the new site should be prioritised. The study led to a restructuring and simplification of the content to improve user experience. This has meant that, among other things, the Metro Company has cut 9 out of 10 pages from its old site.

Design taken from the metro’s reality

It was the Metro Company's wish that there should be a strict alignment between what users encounter in trains and on platforms, and what users encounter digitally. The site should be visually appealing and, at the same time, as simple to use as possible.

Novicell's design team worked with some elegant and understated animations and graphic tools that characterise the metro. For example, the menus unfold with the same movement as when a metro arrives at the station. In addition, the site contains a number of small nudging elements that draw attention to the possibilities you have, so that users are encouraged to search further.

Scalable platform for different phases

The metro needed a scalable platform that could support the company's communication in different ways at different stages of the project around the opening of Cityringen.

  1. Towards the completion of the Cityringen, the metro needed to keep neighbours and citizens informed about construction plans, progress and noise nuisance, etc.
  2. After the opening of the M3 Cityringen and M4, the Metro Company doubled the number of metro lines and will double the number of travellers by metro, which of course put pressure on customer information. This upscaling should be able to handle the site.
  3. After the opening of Cityringen, the Metro Company needed to provide customers with good information so they could get used to the new metro lines. After this, the customers were to be transferred to ‘DOT’ (Your Public Transport) for ticket sales, traffic information, etc., and the metro's digital platform must, to a greater extent, function as a corporate website that supports the company's overall efforts. This also means that travellers who enter the site must be redirected quickly to ‘DOT’ or ‘Rejseplanen’.

The Metro Company's former website was heavy to update so they needed to develop the Umbraco platform in a way that was effective for the editors to update. Therefore, a number of templates have been developed to make content easier for the site.

The number of visitors goes down – and it's a success!

Not many companies that launch a new website are subsequently pleased that their bounce rate has exploded. However, this is the case with the metro. To fully comply with the plan, customers in the third phase of the project must learn to use ‘DOT’ and ‘Rejseplanen’ when searching for traffic information. Many travellers still come to to search for traffic information, but they are quickly redirected to the relevant sources, and that is a success.

”We have been dealing with a communication that has changed in three very different phases of the project, and we have been given a platform which is supported digitally. People travel by subway because it is fast, easy and reliable. We would also like to give this experience to our users digitally. It should be easy for customers to find the information they need – even if the subway network has grown. And then, with the site, we have created a connection between the visual elements that users encounter at the stations and in the trains, and those they meet digitally. It's a great visual solution that creates simplicity and unity in the overall user experience.”
Lise Hein
— Lise Hein, Communications and Marketing Manager at the Metro Company wins the Best Designed Site at Umbraco Awards 2020

The Metro Company's new site,, is built on an Umbraco platform, and is recognised for its beautiful design, which plays with elements known from stations and printed material. is built in Umbraco 7 and on an Umbraco Cloud platform.

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