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Targeted online advertising to reach new students

UC SYD (University College South Denmark) offers 16 basic education programmes for everyone who has completed a high-school education. 

Since 2012, UC SYD has been working with Novicell to provide Adwords advertising. Based on good results and a close cooperation, UC SYD and Novicell have agreed to expand the work with online marketing.

Most recently, Novicell has helped UC SYD with branding and promoting open days in order to attract more applicants for their courses ahead of the first admission date in March 2019.  

The collaboration

While the primary goals were to attract more visitors to their open days and more applications for the March admission, the secondary goals included gaining campaign interactions (clicks, shares, comments etc.) and encouraging more visits to landing pages.

Prior to the first admission deadline in March, Novicell set up ad flow with a broad marketing mix that supported all parts of the decision-making process of new students. 

The following platforms were selected:

Targeted advertising on various platforms

During the first months of 2019, Novicell increased interest in UC SYD basic education courses by using targeted advertising via various platforms.

The campaigns were, with thorough selection, targeted at potential students who – based on age, interests and geography – matched the educational institution's current students but were not directly linked to UC SYD.

The target audience was tagged through the ads and split into different advertising groups based on which landing page on the UC SYD site the visitors ended up on.

If, for example, someone visited a generic page about study environment, that person would typically not be very far along in their decision-making process and, therefore, would be shown an ad that matched this. If, on the other hand, they had read the entire page and looked at admission requirements for a specific course, they would be sent a targeted ad to match that activity.


Message: UC SYD – What and why | Open days | Application


  • All in southern Denmark between 18–25
  • Mothers with children age 16+
  • Friends of current followers
  • Visited the different courses 
  • ‘Lookalike’ current students (Facebook users with similar locations, ages, genders, and interests to current students)

Google Display Network

Message: Open days | Application


  • All in southern Denmark, at the right age
  • All in southern Denmark, in the market for education at the right age
  • All in southern Denmark, visited the site before
  • Excluded: current students

Google Search Ads

Message: Specific courses and deadline for application


  • Catch everyone searching for a specific course 

On top of this, we ran stories on Instagram, Snapchat and ads promoting UC SYD’s YouTube videos.

Significant increase in number of sessions and conversions


increase in sessions


increase in leads

As a result of the targeted ads and efforts to attract more traffic to landing pages, we generated a 98% increase in the number of sessions and a 417 % increase in leads compared to 2018 without increasing spend.

Novicell managed to improve our advertising and presence on social and online media by contributing technical and specialised knowledge and skills. Always with an eye for new trends and opportunities – and with a focus on the target group. At the same time, Novicell is razor-sharp at measuring effectiveness, collecting data and continuously acting on the data that is collected, so that campaigns get the greatest possible effect.

Susanne Hartvig – Marketing Manager (and Special Consultant) at UC SYD

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