New content universe supplements successful online shop


VILA Moments inspires the user and brings the brand to life by placing design in a greater context.

VILA is a Danish fashion brand with over 110 European retail chain shops. As part of the Bestseller Group, VILA's online shop is a successful e-commerce solution, centrally managed from Bestseller's department in Holland.

VILA wanted even greater flexibility and to be able to communicate with their users in a different way other than through the online shop. Together with Novicell, VILA built a separate content universe - VILA Moments - which supplements the e-commerce solution with inspiring editorial content.

The different look of the content site also helps differentiate the brand from other BESTSELLER brands, such as Vera moda and Jack and Jones, who have the same e-commerce design.

VILA Moments combines fashion, lifestyle, travel and personal stories - just like a fashion magazine. It's a concept that VILA and Novicell have created together.

The vision was a simple, light and elegant design as a framework for the many photos, videos, Instagram feeds and guest posts from European fashion bloggers.

As VILA requested, the user can now go on a voyage of discovery and be inspired by seeing the products in a bigger context.

Novicell was right on the mark with both the concept and the platform's functionalities. VILA Moments has raised the brand's profile and built a universe around the products, bringing the consumer closer to us.

Annette Hyttel Vestergaard, International PR Manager at VILA

Digitalt design

VILA wanted to capture their particular mood on the new content site. Although the design is simple and bright, there are still many details to explore. The goal was an elegant expression on both small and large screens.

Umbraco platform

The site is built in a flexible grid structure, and banners and other content parts can be re-used across the site. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for VILA to put together different types of content.

Interplay with other channels

VILA Moments has integrated product banners with seasonal goods and, of course, also links directly to the webshop and customer club. The user can also get inspiration from VILA's international Instagram feeds

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