Lightning-fast internet – now with an e-commerce platform to follow

Waoo is an efficient sales channel for fibre suppliers 

In January 2019, Denmark's leading provider of internet, television and telephony via the fibre network, Waoo, launched with a brand new Umbraco website. Waoo is owned by eight fibre companies and serves as the brand and sales channel for fibre suppliers.

The site differs from over providers in its simplicity and UX since Waoo was focused on one goal: a transparent and high-converting purchase flow. This was exactly what Waoo got with the new, maximum conversion and performance-optimised sales channel that secures their position in a tough market.

The solution in headlines

Powerful integrations

Integrations provide a seamless customer journey to subcontractors. The user does not ‘leave’ Waoo’s Umbraco site

Guiding UX

Improved UX resolves issues regarding supplier/subcontractor relationships

Quick clarification

The user simply looks up their address to see if they can get Waoo in their area

Intelligent use of data

Marketing automation allows for intelligent use of data as well as additional sales once the customer relationship is established

A competitive market calls for smarter solutions

Waoo faced the challenge of tripling its sales through digital channels by 2020. It was crucial to implement a new platform on which the purchase flow converts better and where the customer is not left confused somewhere between Waoo and the partner.

The new Umbraco platform is integrated into Waoo’s and the partners' system landscape and will create a strong and well-thought-out foundation for the development of the subsequent phases.

Waoo is riding the wave of rapid growth in fibre implementation in Denmark, with increased demand for high speeds. Today, it has 300,000 fibre customers (covering 750,000 households).

The market is very competitive, and customers must be won over from competitors. The classic TV distributor market is under pressure because Danes opt out or downgrade TV packages. Margins are being squeezed and cost efficiency is an important parameter.

The solution is a frictionless entrance to the business

Novicell gave Waoo a solution built to integrate Waoo with its partner suppliers in a way that provides a frictionless customer experience. With the solution, the customer can check the coverage in their area and complete a purchase without leaving Waoo's platform.

Microservice architecture and custom commerce engine

A crucial aspect for Waoo has been to provide a platform that ensures both flexibility in developing the business with new product areas and functionality, which is business critical in an industry where competition is fierce, and the market is changing.

The key principle of using microservices is to establish the necessary flexibility in the platform, which creates a competitive advantage for Waoo to develop business quickly. Waoo can integrate new systems, replace existing ones and add new business logic, thus developing the platform in line with business needs.

Umbraco CMS and design clearly guides customers towards sales

Umbraco is a user-friendly CMS to work with as an editor and without any licensing costs for the software. The front-end is a case study in conversion optimisation. The design of the umbrella platform is cut to the bone and all superfluous performance-heavy image elements are replaced by graphics, icons and text that guides the user to a conversion.

The customer database knows everything

The solution is integrated with a customised customer database, which Novicell also provides. The customer database is common to
all partners under the Waoo services, but each partner can only see their own customers in the database. This includes the following
information about the customer:

Master data

Exact status of benefits

Overview of engagement

Full insight into range

Behavioural data 

Campaign response

Segment details

Household clutch 

The customer relationship is established, and sales are automated with marketing automation

By making coverage clarification and sales flow as simple as possible, the options for sales have been shifted to automated processes that the customer receives after purchasing Waoo's services. This means that personalised emails are sent, which offer the customer extra benefits in the form of sales, additional sales and cross sales, based on the customer's data and online behaviour.

The Active Campaign tool is used for automation and mailing, but behaviour and segmentation information is retrieved from the customer database.

The solution is young, but already contributes to Waoo’s business

 Internet Service Provider of the Year

For the eighth consecutive year – as long as this has been measured – Waoo has topped customer satisfaction surveys and provided the best internet in Denmark.

Fewer order cancellations and customer service inquiries

The quick and simple clarification process, where customers can check their coverage on the site, should draw customers to the online channel and out of manual handling (in the form of, for example, a call to customer services). It should also reduce the number of subsequent cancellations of orders because the customer is in an area outside of Waoo's coverage.

Increased efficiency

An API integrates the partner suppliers' business systems so that orders do not have to be processed manually between Waoo and the fibre suppliers.

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