Denmark's most accessible pharmacy enables Danes to pick up pharmacy products on busy weekdays

Over the years, has developed into a fully digitalised pharmacy, where you can get prescriptions, medication and pharmacy products either via home delivery, or store pick up. Handy, right?

Collect your goods while food shopping

A collaboration between and Dansk Supermarked Group now allows you to collect both prescription and OTC medicines  from your nearest Føtex or Bilka via SwippBox.

The collaboration highlighted a need to streamline the existing checkout and package flow, and to improve the central basket and order processing, so that these could handle several payment points. That's why Novicell performed a comprehensive optimisation of

Optimisation leads to increased performance

Thanks to Novicell’s optimisation, can now handle 100 times as many simultaneous users across payment points - with the same servers. The shop also provides search results and collects and processes data faster than ever.

The result: now displays real-time product data, such as prices, stock and product categories - on all online shops at the same time.

How the collaboration works

Novicell has a long-term collaboration with to optimise the online shop, support the scaleability of the business and to increase user friendliness.

Optimising applications

All applications that collect external data about prices, products, prescriptions, stock etc. have been optimised.

Site construction

Whitelabel sites for Dansk Super Marked Group built in Umbraco using central, scalable micro services.

Optimised marketing

SEO and SEM regularly optimised, while newsletters are also being personalised 

Update of live prices for prescriptions and subsidies

The IT strategy is focused on user-friendliness and customer experience, with the aim of securing business growth. This is evident in the basket flow on the online shop:

When a customer goes to the site to shop, they can log in with their Nem-id or with a customer club login that is linked to their Nem-id. Thanks to an integration with public prescription and subsidy servers, the customer can see their prescriptions and immediately deduct any subsidies from their order. This means the price of the products in the basket is constantly updated - thanks to the effective data processing.

Efficient order dispatch

On Trustpilot, scores an average of 9.5 stars out of 10. As well as excellent customer service, customers also comment on the super fast delivery. This is down to efforts put into the strong package flow.

Once the customer has placed their order, it goes into the pharmacy system (ERP). Here it is assessed by a pharmacist, who is also on hand to give customers personal guidance during the buying process. Then the order goes back to, who prints a delivery note. Here, the packing slip is generated and put directly on the package. The barcode is scanned, the money is withdrawn at the payment point and EDI (e-commerce data) is transferred to the relevant delivery service - and hey presto: the package is ready for delivery to the customer or the nearest Føtex or Bilka.

IT is the key to achieving our overall business goals. Together with Novicell, we have significantly improved the customer experience and results via strategic development projects, digital marketing and BI.

The results

The long-lasting optimisation of means a more effective online shop and a better user experience, which reflects in the results.


Average rise in conversion date


Bigger turnover


More conversions from tablets

Dedicated campaign strategy for Black Friday leads to explosive results chose Novicell to develop a dedicated campaign strategy to increase sales and generate new leads as part of Black Friday 2017.

The aim was a multichannel strategy that involved distributing unique messages on multiple channels to bring life during the campaign period.

The strategy involved 4 phases - 3 phases before Black Friday and the 4th phase on the day itself. By giving each phase a unique and differentiated message, which slowly revealed the special offers and savings made, we created an exciting and dynamic universe that kept leading visitors to the campaign-specific landing page. In this way, we tried to warm up Webapoteket's customers up and retain their interest in the campaign.

Channels included an e-mail campaign and online advertising on Facebook and Google, which matched the unique messages from each phase. By using a preferential selection of segments through remarketing and by advertising targeted interests, we managed to generate new leads and increase traffic to the website throughout the campaign.

The result of the campaign is evident: an explosive growth in both the number of sessions on the landing page, turnover in the online shop and new members to Webapoteket's customer club. 

Black Friday 2017 compared with 2016


flere sessioner


bigger turnover


rise in conversion rate


more new club members

Financially, the venture was of course significantly bigger than the previous year. But to put it into perspective, the number of visitors doubled compared to the highest figure Webapoteket had ever seen in one day. And turnover was 10 times bigger.

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