Strategic Customer Service

The core of omnichannel success

Customer Service is increasingly a part of all the work provided by your organisation and your digital solutions. Your physical and online touchpoints shape customer experience, but the customer services department does not always have access to data from interactions between the customer and other departments. With an integrated customer service software setup, we can measure and optimise both customer satisfaction and your business processes.


Novicell recommends Zendesk

Zendesk is the market leader in customer service software and has built up a product line that covers the entire customer service features palette: Support, Chat, Talk, Guide, Explore and Connect that all work together.

There is great growth potential in optimising customer service. Novicell has entered into a partnership with Helphouse.io, the only Scandinavian Zendesk Premier Solution Provider and among the most important resources for Zendesk in Scandinavia. Novicell is strategic sparring partner and Helphouse.io is in charge of the implementation and technical sparring.

With partnerships, Novicell can offer business development across your whole organisation. From strategy to marketing to e-commerce to customer service.


companies use Zendesk.


customers are serviced by companies using Zendesk.


of customer interaction through Zendesk is considered positive by the customer.

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Good service is good marketing

– and lousy service drives many customers away.


of all sales are done outside regular office hours. Create self-service solutions that can solve the customer's cases during out-of-office hours.


of all customer service cases are repetitions. Repeated instances can be answered by a chatbot or an FAQ to relieve your employees and save your customers' latency.


of all orders trigger a customer service team. Follow up on customer satisfaction and prevent repeat cases to ensure good customer relationships.

One system for all customer interactions

Create better customer experiences and increased loyalty

Have a personalised, high level of service by collecting customer interactions, purchases and other matters. It makes it easy for the customer service employee to see the overall history of the customer and to help the customer quickly and efficiently.

Automated customer service

Serving all channels around the clock

Your customers – and especially the young digital natives – expect to be able to grab your customer service at any time, regardless of channel. Why not solve their service needs when your office is closed with chatbots, FAQs, self-service and referral to relevant content on your website or in your apps?

Self-help cooperation

Minimise time to serve

Define what tasks your employees need to solve and what functions should be solved by the customer themselves. Prioritise the difficult tasks on the phone and transfer low-value calls to automated channels. Low-value cases, for example, are customers who need to reset a password or resend their latest invoice. These cases can be solved with self-service functions. Move customers using behavioural design and make it as easy as possible for the customer to resolve their matter.

Specialised service over the phone

Prioritise your service and sell up

Separate the valuable customers and the complex calls, and send the customer to the right queue with different levels of technical and business issues. Technical questions can go directly to engineers and product managers, and service-to-sales calls can proceed to a seller who can close a deal.

Zendesk is the market leader

within customer service software

All customer information in one place

Zendesk is a software solution that collects customer information from your touchpoints into a single system. Mails, chat, phone calls and interaction between you and the customer are stored on the customer's profile and used in your customer service function.

With the software, you create an omni-channel solution that favours all communication with a specific customer and you answer them on their preferred channel.

Artificial intelligence takes over basic dialogue

Machine learning and chatbots are part of the Zendesk software, providing answers to customer questions and handling cases without human interference.

Chatbots in Zendesk can handle a wide range of customer service tasks using machine learning, which draws on previous questions and answers from chat or FAQ, and the databases we integrate with. Perhaps, for example, the customer asks for the price of a product. Or maybe their latest invoice. This is data that can be extracted from your business systems and delivered to the customer by a chatbot.

You get the most benefit from supplementing the chat bot's response with an employee who manually answers the questions that the chat bottom cannot answer. It can be done so smoothly that the customer never notices the change.




Eyes on the Ground

Pictures and video can be exchanged between the customer and the service employee in Zendesk. It provides customer services with better tools to uncover the customer's problem and to overcome it so you avoid expensive shipments or sending people out to the customer.

Zendesk is a good business case

Clear strategy and good ROI

With a strategy and a Zendesk setup that clearly builds on it, we have seen that the investment is returned within the first 6-12 months. The strategy requires just a few clearly defined goals that measurably improve the most valuable customer reviews. It's a good business case.

Fast deployment and scalability

With cloud solutions and prioritisation of your customer service setup, you can implement Zendesk, a scalable and modular software that can start as a minimum setup, and expand with more features if your needs change.

Helphouse is our partner

Helphouse.io is the only Zendesk Premier Solution Provider in all of Scandinavia.

Helphouse.io works with:

Novicell and Helphouse as a partner

We have solved many different needs in our work with Zendesk implementations and e-commerce. This makes us the most important strategic partner in customer service solutions in Denmark.