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IT Architecture

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Even the best code lines are no better than the overall solution they need to be to create a unified software solution. IT architecture has, therefore, become an increasingly important area for many companies, as IT plays a greater and bigger role when processes are digitised and automated. It requires somebody to have an excellent overview and focus on the issues that IT development needs to solve and define and document how the interplay takes place between independent systems. An IT architect is the link between the business's vision and the IT department's ability. In short, IT architecture is about how to get the most value from IT functionality at the right speed to the lowest possible amount of money.

IT Landscapes

IT architects work with a few tasks, the overall purpose of which is to make the possibilities within IT and business development aspirations coherent. Parallel to building architects is not random. The IT architect focuses on creating solutions that solve the business's IT needs, just as a building architect solves the needs of families and companies for a home or workplace.

Understanding Business

Novicell's IT Architects act as consultants on a number of our solutions. For example, when a data warehouse is to be established for a business intelligence solution or when an enterprise E-Commerce platform is to be created based on business needs and built with the company's existing business critical software systems. IT architects are an excellent resource for an IT project because they take an overall perspective on the issue but at the same time possess extensive knowledge of the individual systems. This unique insight, for example, enables them to create a well-functioning solution that can be established based on a minimal setup that can scale and expand when desired. They understand that not all problems must be solved by building a space rocket.  

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IT architecture creates an overview and go into detail

If you want to know what we can specifically solve for your project, we'll have a chat, but at our overall level, our IT architects can solve the following:


Breaking down obstacles

Consolidates data centrally and enables data sharing between systems and projects.



Define technical standards

Define rules and standards that the organisation works for when making decisions about IT.
Aim Icon

Defines data needs

Identifies data sources and data formats, and assesses them in relation to business needs.



Identify security needs

Ensures that safety standards are adhered to and maintained across all IT solutions.

Integrate resources

Identifies systems in use, deciding whether to integrate into IT architecture, replace them with other systems, or retire them.



Values IT decisions

Ensures that IT development and changes take place to create value for the business.

Our working model

The Unified Business Architecture Model



What are the shortcomings and possibilities?

What is status quo?

What are the objectives?


Document Review

Define objectives for processes

Interviews with core stakeholder

System and data review

Data sources and algorithms

Identify user travel

System and organisational drawing

Compliance with legislation

IT infrastructure and security audit

Software development and delivery assessment

Competitive analysis



What are we going to do about that?








CMS analysis


Internal investments

Third party investments

Architecture Patterns

Decision Engine

Backlog prioritisation

Future architectural drawing

Separation of Concern analysis

Commitments and responsibilities



What is required from the organisation?





User Journey Mapping

Data Modelling

User Interface Sketch

Proof of Concept

Sequence flow

Definition of architectural ownership



How do we create continuous learning and improvement?


User Authentication

Dashboard and real time measurement

Establish monitoring

Establish architectural style group

Vision for future development process

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