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Novicell is a digital design agency and has more than 21 years of experience within digital design, software development & digital marketing. Digital design is strategic optimisation towards a special service, experience or a specific target.

In Novicell’s design department, we create results through thoughtful design. This means that we equally investigate and optimise what we design because a web solution must perform and convert not just visually attractive.

Analysis and insight

As an digital design agency we often make an innovative design or redesign, which is when preparation is essential. We do workshops to understand what is at stake for the company: What is its mission? Ambition? Identity? And who are the customers?

We make user tests - including competitors' web solutions - to create user stories and personas and thereby understand the user. And finally, we'll consider the data stored on the existing web solution, to find out where it is lagging and enable the user to do what is intended.

The bulletproof design

When creating a digital design, we first develop a prototype to define the overall navigation, the various interactions and prioritisation of content. Our solutions are designed to be responsive and suitable for all devices.  

We design as if it is directly on the browser. This way we can get close to the actual user experience and the opportunity to make some authentic user tests of the design. In parallel, we are working with the web solution "look and feel" as we seek to support the company's identity in its entirety.


Optimisation for superior performance

Once a web solution has been launched, it is important to maintain it so that it contributes to the business - all the time. We have extensive experience in optimising web solutions by highlighting pitfalls and potential for improvement. 

We test whether the loading time is fast enough if other elements work better than existing ones, and users can now also use the solution such as we think they do. We believe in content structure and ease of use in relation to web KPI's and optimise based on these. We compare actual performance data with previous examples in Google Analytics.


Good design is cooperation

A good design is a well thought out design. We can only achieve this through close cooperation with the customer.

We do not see ourselves as a supplier but as a partner and agency that can help companies enhance their business's potential: Help us understand your company's goals and challenges and we will help you to realise them.

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