Conversion Rate Optimisation

Attract more people to your website

There are currently numerous opportunities for increasing traffic to your site. These include search engine traffic, adverts, newsletters, social media and much more. Although there's little point in these if you can't meet the needs of those visiting your site, or your own KPI's. Perhaps you're already losing future customers on your homepage, because it's too complicated or because your search field isn't clear enough. Maybe you're losing customers at the checkout because they don't feel secure on your site. 

Conversion optimisation is when you make the customer's journey to the checkout or the conversion button as easy as possible by removing any irregularities or doubt. Conversion optimisation focuses on turning your visitors into customers instead of just having more visitors who won't buy.

When you review your site with conversion optimisation in mind, you will probably notice small changes that you can quickly implement and which will make a big difference to your business. Your site will also perform better as a result, and when you strengthen your sales with existing customers, your conversion rate will also rise.

In addition to your site getting better at receiving visitors, meeting their needs and creating conversions, search engines like Google will also notice that visitors to your site are finding what they're looking for. Your site will, therefore, be seen as more valuable and will rank higher in the search results.

Analysis and adjustments

The best place to start when optimising your conversions is to review your traffic data and get customer insight. By analysing your visitors and their behaviour, we find out which pages they tend to leave or spend too much time on, where they scroll a lot and other such parameters that can be a sign of problems on your site. We then come up with solutions for optimisation points and, using split tests, test them on an ongoing basis against the original ones. The results show whether the improvements have genuinely raised your conversion rate.

We recommend that you make small adjustments at a time so that you can see which changes helped. Meanwhile, you gradually get your visitors accustomed to the new functions.

Conversion optimisation covers measures such as (but not limited to) specific landing pages, improved search on the site, analysis of purchase flow, pop-ups for newsletter subscriptions, chat support, testimonials and much more.

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