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International Google Analytics agency and consultants with 21 years of experience in the field of digital marketing & software development. Novicell's Google Analytics agency is an official partner with Google, which makes us able to get information about new trends before they are officially published by Google. This makes our Google Analytics agency very competitive in a competitive market of agencies.

All digital marketing can and must be measured, and Google Analytics can help you keep track of all the data. You can use Analytics to find data about how many users visit your website, where they come from and how long they stay on the site.

With Google Analytics you get a tool that tells you how your online activities are performing. This gives you the opportunity to measure whether you will reach your goals and how you achieve them. Google Analytics is a used tool for our agency in the field of Online Advertisement and SEO.

Set-up your Google Analytics account

Setting up Google Analytics can be easy or hard, depending on the website. That's why it's essential to set up your account correctly so that Analytics measures those factors that create value for your site. The best starting point for analysis is a Google Analytics account. This will track all your pages and actions from the beginning, even in different languages or across properties. Google Analytics can be set-up on every CMS such as Sitecore, Umbraco, Drupal, Dynamicweb, Episerver e.g.

Get answers with Google Analytics

An Analytics account gives you

  • General statistics for the website
  • Results and targeting of running campaigns
  • Live updates of visitors
  • Website speed
  • Number of mobile visits
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Conversion Overview

You also find out

  • Where visitors to your site come from
  • Which pages attract them
  • Where visitors disappear to
  • Which companies visit your website
  • How long your users spend on your website
  • How visitors convert

Why choose Novicell?

Novicell's Google Analytics agency has many years experience of Analytics. We are based in London, close to many of our clients. Our Google Analytics consultants are Analytics-certified, which is your guarantee of receiving competent advice and information about the latest developments in measurement and web analysis. As an Analytics customer, you get:

  • Optimal set-up of Google Analytics - check up on your current installation or optimal set-up of a new one
  • Introduction to the tool
  • Set-up of filters
  • Web statistics that support business goals
  • Option of adapted reports
  • Option of drawing company leads

Step-by-step process of Google Analytics setup & measurement 

Step 1: Client meeting

The first step in the Google Analytics process with our Google Analytics agency is to have a client meeting. The objectives for Novicell in the client meeting are to understand the client’s expectations & goals by implementing Google Analytics.

Step 2: Create a Google Analytics

Novicell will then create the Google Analytics account.

To implement Google Analytics Novicell will need to have access to your CMS.

Step 3: Setup Google Analytics correctly

Next Novicell will setup Google Analytics correctly. This is done by making view filters to exclude your and Novicell’s traffic on the website. This is done to make sure that the data that we measure is more accurate.

Furthermore, Novicell will enable site search, link Google Analytics to Google Search Console & Google Adwords and much more.

Step 4: Setup Goals

Google Analytics is amazing and has a lot of useful data that you benefit from. However, it might not have all the data that we want to know about our visitor and therefore you are able to set up your own goals.

A default goal that could be setup is how many people who press the call bottom or the video on your page that shows particular levels of engagement for visitors.

Step 5: Create of Dashboards

To make it easy for you to use Google Analytics Novicell will create a dashboard with all the main data that you would like to be updated on.

This dashboard is a visual and easy to understand dashboard with data on:

  • Number of visitors
  • Which pages get the most traffic
  • Where do visitors come from?
  • How visitors convert
  • Revenue
  • E.g.

Step 6: Guidance / Workshop

Novicell will explain to the client how the dashboard work and how it can create value for them. Furthermore, the client can come with other KPI’s that they will like to include in the dashboard.

If the client wants to have a full workshop where one of the consultants from Novicell’s Google Analytics agency will spend time to learn you how to use the program more in depth that is also possible.

Step 7: Option of drawing company leads

Novicell will also talk with the client about the option of drawing company leads via digital marketing sources such as Online Advertising & SEO.

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