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The amount of information available increases continuously and the requirement to target messages and make them relevant is greater than ever before. Companies must, therefore, gather knowledge about the customers and utilise it intelligently so that every customer gets the most valuable messages - and which has the biggest effect.

Over the years, Novicell has found that dialogue marketing is an effective way of marketing. In fact, newsletters are often the best converting source. We have experts who are readily available to help you make the most of your subscribers.

Get the most out of your newsletter

A newsletter can be used differently depending on the purpose. Therefore, it is important to receive the newsletter as part of a larger flow and the overall marketing strategy: When can the newsletter be a relevant point of contact in the customer journey? What should the newsletter contribute to the other online channels?

Our experts can advise on how to utilise your newsletter to convert potential customers into a sale or maintain communication.

Boost your efforts with E-mail using Marketing Automation.

Newsletters can be automated using automation software where content is automatically targeted to customers based on their behaviours.

Automation also releases resources for other work, but it requires attention to control the processes. We can help you get the right setup.

Abandoned basket

If you have a online shop, you should try an abandoned basket, also called cart abandonment. This tends to almost always result in high conversion rates.

Here you can follow potential customers who have placed items in your shop's basket but leave before reaching the checkout. A classic example of this setup is a friendly e-mail with a message like "We can see that you left your basket". The abandoned basket is primarily relevant to online shops, but can also be transferred to other types of sites where a user goes through a process of ordering, making a query, etc.

Find relevant permissions

Dialogue Marketing requires that some form of communication. It is about finding and reaching those who may be interested in your business.

Consider permission collection in all parts of the communication, in connection with web shop purchases and other conversions. Here it is essential that you get the contacts in a flow and create a "plan" for them: What should happen after you collect a new permission? Is this dependent on where and when it has been collected? And what is the ultimate goal?

With dialogue marketing it is important to segment and maintain existing permissions so that you create good, loyal customers who find your newsletter relevant and that will speak well about your business.

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