Google AdWords

Be visible in the world's largest search engine

Do you want to drive quality traffic to your website? Then you can't avoid Google AdWords: advertising in the world's biggest search engine.

Google AdWords provides relevant traffic, quickly

Google AdWords puts your adverts at the top of Google's organic search results. You decide your own search terms, ad texts and budget.

Quickly and efficiently reach a very large target audience that is actively looking for your product. Where many other types of marketing "push" your messages out, when correctly set up, AdWords targets users that are actively looking for something. 

SEO does the same thing. But where SEO is a long-term strategy, taking months before you see any real effect of your technical optimisation, content and link building, you can gain relevant traffic via AdWords in as little as five minutes.

Full control of search terms and budgets

AdWords (and Google Analytics) also provides a highly accurate insight into those search terms, adverts and campaigns that work and those that don't. If a particular search term costs you a lot of money and doesn't result in any sales/leads, you can instantly choose to stop advertising with it.

Let's say you run an online shoe store and want to contact new, potential customers for a new range of men's shoes. You can set up an ad and choose the search words that will activate it. For example, "men's black shoes". You can also exclude search words such as "men's black shoes, second-hand".

Another advantage is that you can easily set a limit on how much you want to spend - both in your total budget and per click.

Google Display advertising

In addition, AdWords advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise even more widely via Google's Display network (banner advertising on several million websites) and via Google Shopping (product ads directly in search results), Gmail and on YouTube.  

Google AdWords at Novicell

Novicell is an official Google AdWords Partner, and our consultants have a number of certifications within Google AdWords, ranging from basic ones all the way to product-specific certifications such as search/display/mobile etc.

Despite our strong collaboration with Google, we have no interest in our customers spending money on Google if it's not going to be of value to them. Nor do we receive any part of the media spend that our customers use on Google AdWords. Rather, we focus entirely on what gives our customers the best ROI. 

Sometimes AdWords isn't the right solution for a company, in which case we recommend other channels.

We work closely with our customers. First we agree advertising goals with the customer. Is it new leads? More traffic? More sales? Everything can be measured via Google Analytics, and we set up relevant conversion goals.

Then we analyse which search words exist in the "market". This is combined with the search volume for different search words, expected click prices, and what the competition is.

We group campaigns according to business and product areas and regularly optimise based on which ads/search words work and which don't. We always stay focused on ROI and price per conversion per ad.

Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

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