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Novicell has more than 21 years of experience within software development & digital marketing. We are certified Google Partner which is your insurance for our work. Our Google Tag Manager agency has several experts that are helping big customers such as Dugout improving their business using Google Tag Manager. 

Effective tracking using Google Tag Manager

A business's online presence is worthless unless you have specific numbers to relate to and trade from. How else would you be able to optimise the relevant areas of your website or web shop?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an effective tracking tool for effect measurements. It allows you to set up tracking on your key measurement points - such as subscriptions, shares, start of video and purchases - so that you can keep an eye on whether you'll reach your targets for your online channel.

The very specific data that you are collecting on your visitors' behaviour using 'tags', is clearly displayed in Google Analytics. It's never been easier to get an overview of your online channel's performance - and to work with a structured KPI set-up. Google Tag Manager is often used to improve your SEO and PPC work. 


What you can use Google Tag Manager for

Tag Manager allows you to measure the effect of a number of functions on your website or your web shop by measuring user behaviour. When a user's behaviour is registered and gets a tag, you set up rules in the form of 'releasers'. These determine when a tag is released, and send data to your Google Analytics account.

Tag Manager enables you to:

  • Set up e-commerce tracking
  • Track scrolls on a page
  • Measure clicks on "mailto" links.
  • Measure clicks on an image
  • Measure clicks on a gallery/slides
  • Measure the use of forms
  • Set up Adwords Remarketing
  • Set up 'send data to third party' tools
  • Measure clicks on outgoing links
  • Measure clicks on social media icons

Another benefit of Google Tag Manager is the very clear operating panel that means that practically everyone - even those without coding skills - can work with Tag Manager. This means that you can save time and money with your developer and instead allocate resources to preparing even better campaigns and increasing your business's exposure.

Concepts in Google Tag Manager

Once you have become familiar with Google Tag Manager, there are a few new concepts that you should get to know. Once you have mastered these, you are well on your way.

The most important are the following:

  • Google Tag Manager Container
  • Google Tag Manager Tags
  • Google Tag Manager Triggers
  • Google Tag Manager Layers
  • Basic setup of Google Tag Manager
  • Implementing the Google Tag Manager and Data Layer for Ecommerce
  • Check  the Implementation of scripts with Google Tag Manager
  • Create Tags and Triggers in Google Tag Manager control panel
  • Create Tag events with Google Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Manager and custom scripts

You can read more about these concepts in our blog about Google Tag Manager

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