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Problems we’ll help you overcome with our HubSpot CRM migration and onboarding plan  

CRM adoption and change management

Reliable and accurate reporting 

Unifying your marketing and sales databases   

Your bespoke HubSpot CRM migration journey with Novicell 


Here at Novicell, we know and love the HubSpot CRM platform. Our CRM migration and onboarding plan will help you simplify and scale your sales process so you can close more deals and see quantifiable results.  

 Our team is an extension of your team. As a Platinum solutions partner, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their HubSpot platform.

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The Novicell HubSpot CRM migration and onboarding process  

The type of HubSpot CRM migration and onboarding services you’ll receive will depend on CRM challenges and goals, what Hubs you’re looking to be onboarded to and how complex your business requirements are.  

That said, our bespoke HubSpot CRM migration and onboarding typically follows this process:   

Week 0-2

Kick-off call
This call is designed to set the scope of the project and will cover all the requirements, deliverables and milestones we’ll complete getting your Sales Hub and CRM tools set up with best practices in mind. Most importantly, we’ll discuss what success looks like for you.  

Week 3 - 4

Discovery workshop 
The aim of this workshop is to discuss your current CRM setup, marketing and sales processes, along with your business and technical requirements so that we can make recommendations on how to proceed with your HubSpot CRM migration. 

Weeks 5 – 6 

Architecture and strategy recommendation 
We’ll audit your current CRM system and data, identify what data needs to be transformed and document a personalised HubSpot CRM migration and onboarding plan. This is where we provide technical advice on configuring your setup given your sales needs.    

Week 7 - 8

Configuration and implementation  
This is where we’ll implement and configure your HubSpot account according to the new lead management process so that it delivers exactly what you need from it.

Weeks 9 - 10 

Training and change management   
The HubSpot platform is only as valuable as your team’s willingness and ability to actually use it. That’s why we provide personalised training and one to one coaching of key users to manage the change in platforms.  

Weeks 8 + 

Ongoing HubSpot support  
Once you’re successfully onboarded, we provide additional technical HubSpot consulting for those that need additional support with all things HubSpot. This can range from sales enablement, sales automation, right through to ad hoc how-to support.  

Unify your sales and marketing efforts to maximise ROI  

Too often we see sales and marketing teams that are not aligned. Their lack of collaboration and communication is an obstacle to their company’s growth. With the right processes in place, your marketing efforts can feed into your sales efforts so that both teams are working together to drive growth.  

That is why we focus on the upfront strategy in the first four weeks of our onboarding engagements so that your HubSpot CRM platform has been configured for sales and marketing alignment. Our discovery workshop aims to define the following: 

  • Lead handoff & hand back process and automation  
  • How sales readiness is measured 
  • Ideal customer profile and defining a good quality  

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We’ll work with you to develop a CRM migration and onboarding plan that not only gives you exactly what you need but one that ensures touchpoints from both marketing and sales are aligned together.  

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