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Looking for a certified HubSpot partner to help you with HubSpot onboarding? Tailored onboarding plan for you, by Novicell. Discover features. Train your team.

Problems our tailored onboarding plan will help you overcome: 

User adoption and change management

Aligning marketing and sales team 

Timely and efficient onboarding process   

Getting the most from your HubSpot platform 

Your bespoke HubSpot partner onboarding journey with Novicell 

While HubSpot offers a great standardised service that guides businesses with their onboarding process, it is widely known and accepted that HubSpot partner onboarding comes with added benefits.  

By using a certified partner for HubSpot onboarding, you’ll get a more hands-on and personalised experience to onboarding that meets your precise needs and includes training and change management that ensures users unlock the full potential of the HubSpot platform.  

Here at Novicell, we have a team of highly qualified and passionate HubSpot experts that aim to get you up on your feet in HubSpot within just a few weeks. 

We'll make sure that you have the technical and strategic set-up to maximise your Marketing Hub success for growing traffic, generating leads and achieving your marketing KPI's. 

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Why onboard with Novicell?

From zero to hero in 60 days 

Regardless of what HubSpot license you have, our HubSpot onboarding plan will get you setup and using HubSpot like a champion within 60 days.  

Tailored onboarding plan

As a HubSpot platinum partner, we’ll tailor your onboarding plan with our tried and tested process to onboarding. We’ll help you transition from your legacy platform with minimal disruption to your business. 

Team training and user adoption

The HubSpot platform is only as valuable as your team’s willingness and ability to actually use it. Once onboarded, we’ll ensure your team are trained and empowered on how to use every tool at their disposal.   

HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding with Novicell 

Get technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using your Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert leads, and achieve your marketing goals.

With our HubSpot partner onboarding plan tailored to your business requirements, goals, and tech stack, our team of HubSpot consultants are here to help you each and every step of the way. 

While no onboarding plan is the same, the most common goals we help businesses achieve are: 

  • Account setup and configuration to their specific marketing needs 
  • Capturing and converting leads  
  • Engaging and nurturing your leads with remarkable content  
  • Automating and personalising their marketing efforts

Find our HubSpot onboarding packages and pricing list here

HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding with Novicell

We’ll help you reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message by creating a lead management process that encompasses all the sales tools available to you.

From templates, snippets, sequences, meeting links, playbooks to tracked sales documents, our team of HubSpot consultants will offer you technical advice on how to unlock the true power of the Sales Hub.

Typically, we explore the following topics during your HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding plan: 

  • Account setup and configuration to their specific sales needs 
  • How you can connect with prospects on their terms 
  • Where you can automate elements in your sales process 
  • How you can personalise your outreach at scale   

Find our HubSpot onboarding packages and pricing list here

The Novicell HubSpot onboarding process

Week 0-2

Kick-off call
During this call, we’ll set the scene and discuss your hub requirements, the deliverables and major milestones we’ll complete getting your account configured correctly. More importantly, we’ll unpack what success looks like to you. 

Week 3 - 4

Discovery workshop 
During this workshop, we’ll explore your current sales and marketing challenges, setup and processes. We’ll also begin mapping out your proposed lead management process for sales and marketing alignment. We’ll discuss the different lifecycle stages and how they interact with lead status, from the basic entry point of a newsletter subscriber to becoming a customer.

Weeks 5 – 6 

Architecture and strategy recommendation 
The output of the discovery workshop will be your new lead management process using HubSpot. This document maps your new lead management process to ensure all business touchpoints are aligned and working together cohesively. This will serve as the technical framework to which your portal (s) will be configured.  

Week 7 - 8

Configuration and implementation  
This is where we’ll implement and configure your HubSpot account according to your new lead management process and architecture framework. We’ll also demo how we’ve set your account up and how to use the tools according to your new lead management process.  

Weeks 9 - 10 

Training and change management   
To help you effectively manage the change in platforms and drive user adoption, our team of qualified experts will also provide you and your team with personalised training on how to get the most out of the HubSpot platform. 

Weeks 8+ 

Ongoing HubSpot support  
Once you’re successfully onboarded, we can provide additional technical consulting to further optimise your HubSpot platform. Similarly, we can work with you to build a curated inbound strategy using a combination of tactics such as topic clusters and pillar pages, blogging, email nurturing campaigns, lead scoring, and more.

Already a Marketing Hub user? Looking to optimise usage? 

Our team of experts can take stock of your current marketing hub setup to identify quick wins for you to start improving the performance of your marketing efforts.  

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Grow your business with sales and marketing alignment   

Often sought but rarely achieved, alignment between sales and marketing teams is the holy grail of long-term success and growth.  If misalignment isn't handled properly, it could cost your company time, money, and most importantly, customers. 

The discovery phase of all our onboarding plans aims to achieve just that – sales and marketing alignment.  How? By agreeing on the following: 

  • Definition of a sales-ready lead 
  • Definitions of lifecycle stages  
  • End to end lead management process with handoff and hand back touchpoints  

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We’ll work with you to develop a tailored onboarding plan that not only gives you exactly what you need from the platform, but one that ensures there is a documented lead management process that aligns your sales and marketing team.   

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