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 Learn among peers in a live, interactive, hands-on environment with our bespoke HubSpot training packages. 

Why should I bother with HubSpot training?

User adoption and change management  

There’s no point in investing in the HubSpot platform if users aren’t equipped with the knowledge and know-how of why and how to adopt it. Our personalised training will empower your HubSpot users and facilitate change management.  

Learn from our mistakes 

Here at Novicell, we believe in learning by doing. While we live and breathe HubSpot, we’ve made many mistakes during our HubSpot journey, which has enabled us to grow forward. There’s no reason you can’t learn from our mistakes. Maximise your HubSpot knowledge with our HubSpot training.  

Fasttrack your learning curve    

While HubSpot Academy offers a plethora of useful HubSpot certifications and courses, they aren’t always ideal. We'll be sharing our knowledge and practical experience of using HubSpot over the years. No more sitting and watching videos. 

Why work with Novicell?

Expert HubSpot training for every business scenario  

Onboard the newbie 
Ideal for businesses with a growing team who want their new starters trained on how to use the HubSpot platform efficiently. Regardless of seniority, our personalised one-to-on training is designed to empower users to take control of the HubSpot platform to meet their business goals.   

Onboard the team
Perfect for businesses who have an in-house team and have just been onboarded or are in the process of being onboarded onto the HubSpot platform. Our personalised classroom-based training will get your team up to speed with all of its many functions and capabilities. 

Optimise for usage 
Best suited to businesses who’ve been utilising the HubSpot platform but are seeking bespoke guidance on how to optimise for usage and a greater return on investment. Our team of certified experts will conduct an audit of your HubSpot platform and create a tailored training agenda.  

Novicell’s HubSpot training packages 

Beginner training

To get the most out of the HubSpot platform, it's vital to understand the fundamentals behind the tool’s infrastructure. This package is best suited for those that are completely new to HubSpot and the inbound way of doing things.  

Advanced training  

The focus of our advanced training package is on the more challenging aspects of the HubSpot platform. Ideally suited for those that have taken our beginner training package or are already users of the HubSpot platform.  

Bespoke training 

Bespoke training tailored specifically to your company's needs and HubSpot package. We’ll audit your usage of HubSpot, along with your business needs and objectives to create a bespoke training agenda 

HubSpot training frequently asked

HubSpot certified trainers are HubSpot academy-trained individuals. Meaning they are certified by HubSpot to train all things Inbound Marketing and HubSpot. 

You can, but it won’t be the same experience.  HubSpot run their training in small user groups in a standardised manner. Whereas our training sessions are personalised for you and your team, taking your specific HubSpot setup and business process into consideration. 

All of our HubSpot and Inbound consultants are certified through the HubSpot academy. As a Platinum HubSpot partner who utilises the HubSpot enterprise growth suite, we gain access to HubSpot’s closed beta programme, which helps the team stay abreast with HubSpot’s product updates before they are released to the wider public. Furthermore, our team of consultants attend a monthly product update meeting with HubSpot themselves. 

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