Inbound Audit

An audit of your Inbound efforts to help grow your website traffic

Are you utilising your content, website and available tools to get those leads your business or sales team need? If you're not quite sure, then you've come to the right place. Our Inbound audit is designed to evaluate your current activities and performance and to give you some specific measurements on areas to improve.

Why Inbound marketing matters

It generates traffic

It gives you qualified leads

You'll move leads through the sales funnel

It will build your brand and nurture relationships

Find out how you can

Track where your leads are coming from

Track the behaviour of your leads and enable trigger-based communication

Generate more targeted leads from your website

Save manual work and money using automation

Turn leads from marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs)

The inbound audit

As part of the Inbound audit, you will receive a personalised report. This report will include a review of current content and activities and a list of suggestions on new inbound initiatives.

In addition, you get the benefit of more than 20 years of experience when working with Novicell. From digital strategy, website design and user experience, to web development, digital marketing and business intelligence, our services cover the full online commercial lifecycle. 

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