Full end-to-end inbound marketing strategy by Novicell

All in for inbound marketing but unsure where to start? We've got your covered with our flexible inbound marketing strategy. 

How to determine if an inbound marketing strategy is right for you  

Current marketing efforts haven’t been effective in attracting the attention of qualified leads 

You need to establish and improve brand awareness and trust 

You need to improve the organic performance of your website

You’re struggling to reach your buyer personas with helpful and informative content

Centre your marketing efforts around your buyer personas and see proven results

Standing out in increasingly saturated markets requires you to fully understand your buyer personas and their buyer journeys. You will need to address their needs at each stage of their journey with helpful and informative content in order to see results 

We’ll work with you to: 

  • Pinpoint and qualify exactly who your target audience is by interviewing key stakeholders in your company and your clients. 
  • Define the buyer journey stages that each of your personas will go through in their route to purchase 
  • Create a documented content marketing strategy that maps tailored content to each phase of the buyer’s journey for each persona 

Speak to an inbound consultant

Fast track your inbound marketing strategy with Novicell’s tried and tested inbound processl 

Week 1

Kick-off and strategic discovery meeting
We’ll start your inbound marketing journey with us with a kick-off and strategic discovery meeting. During this call, we’ll discuss what success looks like to you to determine your success indicators and the milestones we need to reach in order to achieve them.  

Week 2 - 4

Strategic planning 
This is when the upfront planning of your inbound marketing strategy takes place. During this phase, we’ll define your buyer personas, along with their buyers' journey by interviewing key stakeholders in your company and actual clients. We’ll also perform extensive keyword research and conduct a content audit, SEO audit and perform a competitor analysis.  

Weeks 5 – 8

Strategy creation
During the strategy creation phase, we’ll map out a tailored content plan (mapped to each persona and stages of the buyer’s journey), along with how we plan to attract the attention of your buyer personas. 

Week 7 - 8

Inbound marketing strategy showcase
The final phase in the process is all about showcasing the inbound marketing strategy we’ve put together for you. We’ll use your feedback and industry knowledge to refine and finalise the first campaign plan before going live. 

Weeks 9 - 10 

Campaign Execution
Following the presentation of your tailored inbound marketing strategy, we work hard to deliver the creative & content elements of the campaign with input and sign off from you at key project milestones.  

Weeks 24+

Review, optimise and reiterate
Once the campaign has been live for 90 days, we’ll conduct an extensive quarterly marketing report on how the campaign has performed, and what can be done to optimise the campaign.  

 Flexible inbound marketing engagements that works for you

Inbound marketing strategy crafted for you with an ongoing retainer

Mainly suited to those who lack the time and or resource to create and execute an inbound marketing strategy. We’ll partner with you and become an extension of your marketing team, taking care of the planning, execution and ongoing maintenance of your marketing campaigns.  

Inbound marketing strategy curated with you on a project basis    

Don’t like the idea of an ongoing partnership? Prefer a more flexible and consultative approach? Got the resource to execute but lack the strategic expertise to create an inbound marketing strategy? That’s okay, we also offer consultative inbound marketing support services that you can use at your disposal.

Inbound marketing strategy frequently asked questions

Buyer personas and their respective buyer journeys are the cornerstones of any successful inbound marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to refine or define your buyer persona’s and ensure that they are documented along with their respective buyers' journey stages. This will ensure we are able to carefully curate a content plan that attracts the right calibre of traffic to your website.  

All the upfront strategy work will be documented in the form of workbooks. Visibility and transparency are key to any ongoing partnership, which is why you’ll have oversight on everything we’re busy working on with a status report, which you’ll get biweekly updates on.  

Absolutely not. We offer retainers to those that would like flexible inbound marketing support, as well as a multitude of inbound marketing support hours to those who want a more flexible but consultative approach to their inbound marketing strategy.  Absolutely not. We offer retainers to those who would prefer ongoing and flexible inbound marketing support, but still require consultative assistance to develop their inbound marketing strategy. 

Typically, we’ve seen results from three to six months. That said, it could take as long as six to nine months for some businesses. It all depends on what your marketing challenges are and how much resource you’re willing to commit to. Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy and requires continuous input and optimisation.  

No. Inbound marketing is a methodology that can be practiced on any platform. However, we highly recommend using the HubSpot platform to roll out your inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform built to support the inbound marketing methodology. 

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