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With the right Marketing Automation software, you'll be able to streamline and optimise your marketing and sales efforts; from collecting permissions and leads to nurturing and sales.

The right marketing automation system brings together and systematises sales and marketing activities in one platform. It gives you an overview of contact data, segments, communication flows, process flows, goals, sales activities, and more. And most importantly - it will be tracking the activities from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel - from unknown visitor to a loyal customer

Marketing Automation Platforms: The many possibilities

You will not find an automation platform that is "one size fits all". A system may have a well-founded customer relationship management system (CRM), but you may need to work with Recommendations. Or it may contain a customer service hub, even though you already have a well-functioning system - you just need to integrate with the automation setup. You can therefore quickly end up paying for functionalities you don't need.

There are many systems on the market and it can be expensive to choose the wrong one.

That is why we do not only support one system. We call ourselves "system agnostics", meaning that we work with several automation platforms depending on what works best for our clients.

How to choose the right Marketing Automation software

Which platform is right for you always depends on an individual assessment. We look at many different factors when helping to choose the Marketing Automation system, including:

  • Sales and decision making process
  • The company's internal resources
  • Company type
  • Budget
  • The company's digital maturity
  • The size of the contact database
  • System landscape
  • And much more 

And we are happy to help you find the right system.

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