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If you're serious about your digital marketing, you can't ignore inbound marketing. Inbound marketing isn’t just another tool for the toolbox or a new fancy buzzword that's here today, gone tomorrow. It is the most effective marketing strategy for attracting, converting and maintaining customers.

Users regularly switch TV channels to avoid the ads, and they'll also block your online ads. That's why marketers must change their strategy to stay ahead. Instead of force-feeding customers with irrelevant, mass-produced messages, marketers need to focus on attracting leads via relevant and timed content.

As an Inbound Marketing agency, we help our customers craft the right marketing strategy, focusing on activities that generate leads and conversions throughout the entire customer journey.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Put in a simple way, Inbound Marketing can be defined as a set of techniques within a marketing strategy in which a company uses quality content and valuable information to attract potential customers to the company. Some examples of Inbound Marketing include SEO, E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing.

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How does Inbound Marketing work?

Inbound is a highly effective method that takes advantage of personalized content and focuses on achieving visitors to your brand and then building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers.

There are four pillars in the Inbound Marketing Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. Following these steps will enable you to direct and convert users into loyal customers of your brand.

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Marketing Automation

By automating your marketing processes, you streamline your marketing efforts for gathering and processing leads – from the moment the user first enters your website until they place an order. Automated flows and dynamic content are the way forward for working systematically with marketing data and processes.

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Novicell is a HubSpot Certified Partner

With the marketing system Hubspot, companies can work purposefully with lead generation and lead qualification. Get help to assess whether your company and HubSpot is a right match or on how to make optimal use of Hubspot's many possibilities.

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Novicell is an Agillic Partner

With Agillic you get an advanced SaaS marketing automation platform that allows you to enable data to create a personalized omnichannel experience for your leads and customers. With Agillic, you'll get one platform that allows you to collect, enrich and activate data across your digital touchpoints.

At Novicell, we are a partner at Agillic and are happy to help you figure out if Agillic is the right match for you, get started or continue on the platform.

Not sure which Marketing Automation system is right for you?

The world of automation platforms can feel like a bit of a jungle and there is no "one size fits all"
We will help you find the right system based on your business and needs. 

Inbound stories


In just three months, the project behind the tallest building in Denmark, Lighthouse Aarhus, managed to grow their newsletter list with 40% and turn 43% of their permissions into sales qualified leads with inbound marketing.

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Waoo, a leading provider of internet, created a frictionless customer experience, by sending personalised e-mails, offering the customer extra benefits in the form of sales, additional sales and cross-sales, based on the customer's data and online behaviour.

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The Trade Union Frie Funktionærer

Tracking of data to get insight on traffic, target group and the effect of online marketing efforts, enabled the trade union Frie Funktionære to work more purposefully with their campaigns. 

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Extensive experience of inbound marketing

Our Inbound marketing team has many years of experience in attracting relevant traffic and converting it into customers. This is achievable with the following disciplines:

Content Marketing

Many people struggle to utilise the full potential of content marketing. This is often the case when there isn’t a clear strategy. That's why we always start by identifying KPIs, evaluating content and channels, and mapping out the objectives of your marketing efforts.


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Channel and media recommendations

What do you need to succeed in the digital channel? A channel analysis assesses the potential of each channel and media and recommends which areas to focus on for the best return.


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Target audience and personas

It’s obvious that you need to know your customers to target your messages to the right people at the right time. That's why a fundamental step in inbound marketing is to clarify who the target audience is and to turn it into specific personas.


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Inbound is part of every step on the buyer's journey

Attract relevant visitors to your site by publishing blog posts or video content across social networks using social media
tools. Create ads to increase awareness of your brand and use SEO to get targeted traffic. 

Once you attract the right visitors to the site, the goal is to now convert them into leads by using the right call-to-actions, landing pages, gated content and premium content offers.

Use the data collected about your leads to be able to target your communication with information about their specific needs and send personalised e-mails and workflows that are based on behaviour and trigger based.


Keep on nurturing your customers with automated marketing and personalised communication, making sure you stay connected with your customers and they stay loyal to your brand. 

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