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International Inbound Marketing agency with 21 years of experience in the field of digital marketing & software development. A Inbound Marketing agency that has a wealth of big clients such as Lantmännen-UnibakeOK & Danske Fragtmænd just to mention a few. All our consultants within our Inbound Marketing agency has several years of experience which is your insurance for the value that we can create for your business.

If you're serious about your digital marketing, you can't ignore inbound marketing. Inbound marketing isn’t just another tool for the toolbox or a new fancy buzzword that's here today, gone tomorrow. It is the most effective marketing strategy for attracting, converting and maintaining customers.

Users regularly switch TV channels to avoid the ads, and they'll also block your online ads. That's why marketers must change strategy to stay ahead. Instead of force-feeding customers with irrelevant, mass-produced messages, marketers need to focus on attracting leads via relevant and timed content.

At Novicell, we help our customers craft the right marketing strategy, focusing on activities that generate leads and conversions throughout the entire customer journey.

Marketing Automation

By automating your marketing processes, you streamline your marketing efforts for gathering and processing leads – from the moment the user first enters your website until they place an order. Automated flows and dynamic content are the way forward for working systematically with marketing data and processes.

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Extensive experience of inbound marketing

Our inbound marketing team has many years of experience in attracting relevant traffic and converting it into customers. This is achievable with the following disciplines:

Content Marketing

Many people struggle to utilise the full potential of content marketing. This is often the case when there isn’t a clear strategy. That's why we always start by identifying KPIs, evaluating content and channels, and mapping out the objectives of your marketing efforts.


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Channel and media recommendations

What do you need to succeed in the digital channel? A channel analysis assesses the potential of each channel and media, and recommends which areas to focus on for the best return.


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Target audience and personas

It’s obvious that you need to know your customers to target your messages to the right people at the right time. That's why a fundamental step in inbound marketing is to clarify who the target audience is and to turn it into specific personas.


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steps to Inbound Marketing

Do you also make content that nobody is reading? Do you also have a hard time reaching out to your customers? Then you are not alone. – Novicell has gathered 5 steps how we strategically in our Inbound marketing agency solve these obstacles.

1. Goals

The first step is about defining your goals. It is critical that you know what your KPI’s are and how much a lead is worth for your business. As important is to know how you should follow up on your leads to optimise these for getting as many sales as possible.

Start by defining a complete marketing setup that is based on your business’s goals. Also you should start track things on your website. You should track on your data so you know if you are achieving your KPI’s.

2. Audience

Next step is to define your audience. – Who are they and where they present?

Consider if you are able to break down your audience into segments so you can start being relevant for them.

3. Content and message

Are you communicating the right content at the right time to the right people?

You should know your audience, their problems & challenges so well that you are able to solve their challenges. – This is exactly this kind of content that people want to read about & share on Social Media!

4. Channels

Are you present where your target audience is present and are you using the different channels optimally?

Consider if you are using the same content across channels. If you are communicating the same message on Facebook, LinkedIn and your newsletters you will need to start differentiating your messages, so you can take advance of the different formats each individual channel has.

5. machinery

Make sure that you have set up the correct automation and that you use it optimally.

There are many automation tools so make sure that they the automation tool that you use is fulfilling your needs.

The future of Inbound Marketing

After 3 days in Boston to the world biggest conference for Inbound Marketing, I see two clear trends within Inbound Marketing: (1) More focus on the customer, and (2) Intelligent use of bots.

More focus on the customer

Companies all over the world are using sentences such as: “Customer focus”, “Creating customer value” “Putting the customer in the centre is the heart of our business” in their visions and mission statements. However, often do companies tend to put the product in focus instead of the costumer. – This might not work out in the future.

The founder of Hubspot, Brian Halligan told that they have changed their business focus doing the last couple of years. When Hubspot asked their clients earlier why they have chosen Hubspot they always answered; Because you are good at content and because your sales machine is amazing. You show the Inbound works.

However, there has been a change. When Hubspot ask people today they get another answer; It is because I know someone who uses Hubspot and is happy about it. He summed it up with “No one trust sales & marketing. They trust customers.”

We have for years worshipped the traditional sales funnel, where you first attract customers (attract), convert them into leads (convert), process them into sales (close). However, this technique is dead now.

Today we use the “flywheel” that is putting the customer in the middle. The customers are not anymore someone we just put at the end of the funnel, the customers are the ones who feet new customers into the machinery.

The focus was before on closing the customer. Today it is about creating good experiences by reducing the customer journey as much as possible to make it easy for the customer.

Brian Halligan said: “Before your products should be 10x better than your competitors. Now your customer experience should be 10x lighter than your competitors”.

In the future companies will not differentiate themselves by differentiating on the product but on the customer experience.

Intelligent use of bots

Larry Kim talked at the conference about: Chatbot Marketing on Messaging Apps. Or the presence of these.

Because way too few companies are taking advance of these Messaging Apps chatbots. Facebook Messenger has today more than 1,3 billions users every month. And the fourth biggest Messaging apps (Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat & Viber) has overtaken the 4 biggest social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn) in the number of active users.

So if the customers are there, why are the companies not? Especially when Messaging Apps has up to 80% opening rate & 50% click rate.

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