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International SEO

International SEO is the process wherebyyoushift the focus ofyour website fromyour homecountry to one or more additionalcountries. The main objective is to increase the site’s visibility on search engines in the chosen countries to increase traffic to the website.

Targeting a new market with your website is similar to expanding your whole business to a new market. With that in mind, you should not expand your website or business to a new country without first knowing why you are doing it. You need a strategy.

Spending resources and time expanding is meaningless if there is no need for your product/service in the country or if there is a superior product that you cannot compete against.

At Novicell, our international SEO strategy helps you through the whole process of expanding your business to one or several markets. We have a tested and proven process scaling businesses to several markets.

Combining the strength of SEO & translation

Novicell has partnered up with LanguageWire to create their superior international SEO product. The two companies have combined their individual strengths in SEO and translation to create an international SEO service offering.

Demand for international SEO has seen a dramatic rise in the last year – an indicator that companies around the world want to scale their business not only by being present in different countries, but also by gaining the most traffic, sales and revenue from the customers in that market.

Competencies that ensure your international SEO success

Novicell and LanguageWire have more than 18 years of experience with SEO and translation. Both have a big customer base of international companies and are committed to further education, training and attending conferences to keep up with the biggest and newest trends in their industries. The end goal is to be competitive as the best and most skilled companies within their field.

Combing the strength from LanguageWire and Novicell:

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Keyword analysis


Content & On-page SEO

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Stage 1: Client meeting

In the first stage, Novicell will consult with the client to get an understanding of the expectations the client have to SEO and about us as a partner and SEO agency. We need to have a knowledge of the clients' business; its product/services, target segment and general business strategy so we can align the SEO strategy with the business strategy.

Before the client meeting we will have reviewed your website, so we already there know something about your products, your values and give you recommendations to increase search engine visibility.

Expert Software Development Agency in London

Get a platform that's right for you

  • Do you need a new website or e-commerce store?
  • Do you want a solution that provides the best value for your business?
  • Do you want a robust solution that is secure, fast and optimised for search engines?
  • We can help you with just about everything related to system and software development and IT architecture

How Novicell can help your business fly

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web solutions and IT architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital design
  • Service and Hosting
  • Enterprise E-commerce

Stage 9: Social Media

Social media is hot right now, and it is something that also affects SEO.

Depending on the firm, we have before recommending them to be more visible on Social Media.

Our agency in London also has their own Social Media experts that can help you make your social media and align it with your search marketing strategy.

  • Https status code
  • Redirects
  • Indexing of pages
  • Canonical
  • NoIndex
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Umbraco Developer

We are looking for an exceptional Umbraco Developer to join our London team. Can you develop modern websites and applications with Javascript, maybe Angular? And do you want to be part of a business growing with over 230 exceptional employees?

View vacancy here

How Novicell Can Help

We have a number of products that ensure you exploit your company's digital potential to the maximum.

  • Digital business strategy
  • Digital channel strategy
  • Strategic pre-analysis
  • Customer journey
  • KPI set-up
  • Strategic sparring
  • Inspiration workshop
  • Many years' experience in digital business and management

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