Guide for linking AdWords

How to connect your AdWords account with Novicell

This guide explains how you connect Novicell to your AdWords account. We run the set-up step by step using screen dumps, which show you what to do.

Looking for information about connecting to Analytics? Then go to our Analytics-guide.

AdWords guide - step by step

First send your customer ID to your contact person at Novicell. Find your customer ID here:

Then we send you a request to connect to your AdWords account. First go to Account Settings in the top right-hand corner and find the invitation under Account Access. Here you accept our request under Customer Administrator.

When you have accepted our invitation, remember to notify your contact person at Novicell that you have accepted the request. Once Novicell has accepted the link, access is set up.

These settings also allow you to add more users and manage permissions if others need access to your AdWords account.

You're always welcome to contact us if you want help with the set-up. Looking for information about connecting to Analytics? Then go to our Analytics guide.

Having trouble linking your AdWords account to us?

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