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Novicell has more than 21 years of experience in software development & digital marketing. At Novicell's Google shopping agency we have our own Google Shopping experts that have helped several companies benefit from this high conversion rate ad form.

The recipe for success for web shops

2014 was the year Google Shopping gained a serious foothold in the market, and we're now seeing the full effects of this type of advertising.

The results speak for themselves for five of our bigger customers, who all use Shopping ads:

  • Conversion rates increased by 290%
  • Share of transactions increased by 55%
  • Turnover increased by 31%

Which is why we're in no doubt. If you have online shop, you chould set up Google Shopping campaigns.

How Google Shopping works

You upload a product feed via Google Merchant Center. The product feed retrieves products for adverts, which are managed in AdWords. The product feed can either be a static file, which is updated manually, or an XML feed, which automatically extracts from your shop.

In AdWords, you set up Shopping campaigns where you can group and set budget adjustments on the product and assess the effect of the campaigns - just like you do with other campaign types in AdWords.

Unlike search ads, these ads are not displayed based on a search word in AdWords, but based on information from your product feed. This means a completely different set of requirements for optimising your ads.

What do I get out of using Google Shopping?

Having worked with a number of large Danish and international web shops, it is our experience that Google Shopping ads have a higher conversion rate than search and display. This is because of the option to advertise directly on products with an image, price and product information. 

Google Shopping also gives you:

√  Targeted advertising for all your products

√  Automatic product feed with up-to-date product information

√  Advert format with a high conversion rate, partly due to visual presentation

√  Option to prioritise seasonal campaigns

√  Low competition, as many still aren't exploiting Shopping opportunities

√  Option to communicate different campaign messages in different product categories

How can we help?

Novicell's digital marketing consultants are AdWords Advanced Certified, which is your guarantee of competent advice. 

If you want to make a start with Google Shopping, you will most likely be contacted by Oliver Boothroyd. He will ensure that you are set up with Google Merchant Center, product feeds and Shopping campaigns, and will help with ongoing ad optimisation for maximum return.

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